Is the Free World Under Attack?

Putin and Jinping, dictators of Russia and China respectively, could be actively waging a secret war on the free world.

First, we have massive social media disinformation and divisive content meant to destroy unity in democracies going out from armies of trolls in Russia and China.

Second, we have a global pandemic that has suspicious origins, and has caused much more severe disruptions in free nations than those that are in bondage.

Third, we have major ongoing supply shortages. The supply shortages are eating through stockpiled supplies of oil and many other material goods. The free market will usually address supply shortages quickly through price spikes which motivates entrepreneurs to get it figured out and make a profit. However, these seem to be continuing and getting worse.

If this is an actual attack, what are the next steps we might see? Once as many democracies have been destabilized as much as possible through the above methods, we would see a crippling attack on our electrical grids. An attack that took down power plants and major pieces of infrastructure would require several years to rebuild at a minimum… Without power, people will not be able to get water and soon they would not be able to get food. Transportation and communication would be crippled.

At that point, Putin or Jinping would have an easy time invading and conquering whatever democracies they chose.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.