Resignation / Termination versus Layoff

I had to send this to my team today. An employee actually TOLD other employees to “crucify” him after he made an intentional mistake to try to get fired. He also violated some other policies we have in ways that made it clear that he thought it was funny and was intentionally trying to get more “Resignation / Termination versus Layoff”

Patents Prevent Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Why Boeing is a Buy

Patents are a form of government granted monopoly that greatly enriches a few people at the expense of everyone else in society.

Boeing is an excellent example of this.

Have you ever wondered why commercial airplanes look pretty much identical to commercial planes of the 1960’s? Why airframes and materials and everything else hasn’t seen far more advancement?… read more “Patents Prevent Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Why Boeing is a Buy”

Trickle Down Money Puddles Very High

The “trickle down” theory of economics says that if the government gives cash in the form of handouts or tax breaks to the wealthy, that the wealthy will spend that money and it will trickle down to people at the lower levels.

The bailout has been an excellent example of how Trickle Down money NEVER makes it to the lower income brackets.… read more “Trickle Down Money Puddles Very High”

Massive Personal Changes

The whole covid pandemic has had me completely reassess the way I’m living my life. I decided that living in Los Angeles is too high of risk for me. Over the next 10 years I think there is a 1 in 10 or a 1 in 5 chance that a black swan event happens.

A black swan event could be a worse virus, war with China or another country, the rise of true AI, civil war, or many other risks.… read more “Massive Personal Changes”

Python Datetime, MySQL & Django – Weird Bug

I ran into a strange bug in my application I am building:

When I saved a datetime of 2020-04-09 06:30:00 to the database it would convert to 2020-04-09 13:30:00, 7 hours different. Why?

First, I checked that MySQL, Python, and my Windows environment were all using Pacific time. Yes, they are. Everything shows the same time.… read more “Python Datetime, MySQL & Django – Weird Bug”

Selling My House By Owner – Step By Step Guide in 2020

Have you ever wondered if you can sell your house yourself without paying the 3% fee to a real estate agent?

I have. Now I am actually doing it! Below I will share with you what steps I have done so far and what the results have been.

For every $100,000 in house value you are selling, you will lose $3,000 to a real estate agent.… read more “Selling My House By Owner – Step By Step Guide in 2020”