It’s Your Friends Who Break Your Heart – The Atlantic

After reading this I sent the following text to the friend who shared it with me:

I value our friendship very highly. Our conversation in Venice about children being the purpose of life and only viable form of immortality eventually led me to rebuild my entire life around that. Now I spend all of my time with my kids and wife and am trying to have more.… read more “It’s Your Friends Who Break Your Heart – The Atlantic”

Spanking, and a reflection on other violence

First and foremost, we always need to fully comply with the law.

I read a number of articles and information on spanking, as well as on the reproducibility crisis in social sciences and psychology.

A lot of studies supposedly show that spanking has negative outcomes. However, the studies that do so lump together people who beat their children with fists around the face with those who do measured spanks on the butt.… read more “Spanking, and a reflection on other violence”


I saw a guy commented, “… this coming from someone who has a maniacal hatred for the democrats (referring to himself)”.

Why the hatred? I lean to the right, but I don’t hate someone who is far left or moderate or whatever. They just have different opinions than I do. Don’t let news media twist your soul in their quest for more clicks.

Top Gun:Maverick Review

I re-watched the original a couple of days ago. Young Tom cruise and Val Kilmer oozed (literally as their skin was oily) confidence and power. The music was amazing and was fresh at the time.

This one was a decent retread. None of the sex appeal or cocky power… Just appeals to nostalgia. The plot had holes a mile wide (tomahawks can strike the airfield but can’t just do the mission?).… read more “Top Gun:Maverick Review”

Watch “Why We Won’t Raise Our Kids in Suburbia [Remake]” on YouTube

This is the downside of government regulations. Bureaucracy starts with good intentions and then slowly evolves to protect the bureaucrats jobs at all costs. They don’t want anything to go wrong so they way over-regulate. We need a bankruptcy type of process for regular and government agencies. And we need less regulations and agencies to start with.