Letter to my wife

The world humanity lived in for the last 100,00 years is radically different from the world of the last 5,000 years, which is radically different than the world of the last 200 years, which is radically different than the world of the last 10 years. Exponential, true exponential growth, in technology is swamping our poor monkey brains.… read more “Letter to my wife”

Socialization needs with children

I am a person with a high need for socialization. Throughout my life, I have strongly sought to be around people.

Our kids provide that socialization in spades. I find that I need only ten percent of the outside socialization I needed previous to having kids. And when I got married, I needed only half the socialization I needed prior to that.… read more “Socialization needs with children”

Lies of the Liberals and Lies of the Conservatives

Liberal lies:

-Production goods and services come from labor. Without a few great business geniuses and their massive investments, we would not have nearly the amount of high quality goods and services we do today. Example: the tech for engines existed for decades until Henry Ford perfected the automobile and massively scaled up production.

-Giving money away is good.… read more “Lies of the Liberals and Lies of the Conservatives”

Better Regulatory Framework for America

America’s regulatory framework today consists of government agencies that are very inefficient and slow, because they have no accountability to anyone.

If we got rid of all of the regulatory agencies and shifted that work to the courts, we would see much better outcomes with higher efficiency.

I would also greatly reduce the costs of the legal system, make judges accountable (ie they can be fired easily if they do a bad job), and make it more accessible.… read more “Better Regulatory Framework for America”

Multicare Emergency Room Scam on South Hill, WA

I went to what I thought was a small MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care facility on South Hill with a hand injury. I was there for less than a half hour and sat in a chair and a doctor rush in and rush out in less than two minutes.

A couple of months later, I got a bill from Multicare for $2,066.… read more “Multicare Emergency Room Scam on South Hill, WA”

USDA ERS – ERS Tracks Meat Prices at the Retail, Wholesale, and Farm Levels


Something is wrong here. Ranchers are getting less money while meat packers get more. Looks like a monopoly?


National Parks Service

The gravel road to the Guler ice caves is blocked by a downed tree. It clearly has been there awhile. The park service was founded with the ideal of making these parks accessible recreation areas for all Americans. Every organization starts with a mission, turns into a business, then becomes a racket. The parks service employees now work hard to close off access to Americans by shutting down roads and travels officially, and by stopping maintenance unofficially.… read more “National Parks Service”