Resistant Disease Rising

We need mandatory disclosure of disease outbreaks with criminal penalties for violations.

We also need to stop using antibiotics and antifungal medicines in animals and crops to preserve their effectiveness for humans.

We must reduce barriers to entries in medicine – get rid of licensure and limitations on business types.

No American Is Safe From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of an American journalist six months ago. That journalist was attacked and cut into small pieces by a 20 man kill squad.

Now, clear evidence has come out showing that the Saudis are willing to attack even the world’s wealthiest man, Jeff Bezos. If the founder of Amazon is in their crosshairs, it is clear that no American is safe.

The traitor Trump is a big supporter of Saudi Arabia and is currently planning on selling them advanced nuclear technology. Saudi Arabia is as dangerous as Iran or North Korea or Russia – their financial backing is what made the World Trade Centers attack possible on 9/11.

Saudi Arabia is an evil dictatorship and it must go. No American is safe.