Rachelle Quick Profile

Rachelle is one of the coolest women I know. Classy, educated and intelligent are all adjectives that do not do her justice. She currently works for Microsoft in Redmond and lives in Belltown. Rachelle graduated from the University of Washington last year. I attended Cascade Christian High School with her and we graduated back in ’02. She and I were unique in that we were pretty much the only non-religious people at a religious school (I believe Jeremy discarded superstition post-h.s.). Cascade Christian was a very poor academic school that had great emphasis on religion over all else. One teacher, Mrs. Huth, repeatedly told our senior year Bible class that in order to survive in the secular world “you have to forget what society tells you about keeping an open mind. You need a CLOSED mind!” Complete insanity. Anyways, back to Rachelle. Rachelle is very interested in fashion, writing, music and photography. She and I didn’t really become friends till after we graduated from high school; she, Jeremy and I spent a lot of time hanging out that summer and then continued on throughout college.

Jeremiah Mini-Profile

I went to high school at Cascade Christian High School with Jeremiah. He played basketball there and went on to attend college at Whitworth University. While in physical science class in our freshman year of high school, Ryan Fancher offered him a dollar to stick a piece of wire attached to a christmas light into an electrical socket. Before we could stop him, Jeremiah goofily headed over and stuck it in and after the ensuing explosion, collected his dollar. That was Jeremiah’s first dollar and he was wise and invested it in the stock market and now has a net worth of $2.78.

Chris Bowker on a milk carton

Christopher Bowker was one of my friends in high school and he played on the same high school football team as me. Chris and I played tons of mmorpgs (if you don’t know, don’t embarass me by asking) during the summer after our senior year before I left for college. Suddenly, at the end of the summer, Mr. Bowker just disappeared. I miss my dear sweet Chris and would love to hear from him at some point. Rumors have told me he moved to Texas and became a gimp in a dungeon of a giant hairy ogre, but I don’t believe those to be true. Chris Bowker, where are you?

Andy Meade Mini-Profile

Ahh… what to say about this strangest man.

Andy Meade is an excellent chess player, which is to say he beats me once in a while when he’s having a brain day. Andy Meade also enjoyed sailing until the evil goblins at the WAC took away his license for sailing a boat on the 4th of July after they gave him permission to do so. Andy is a very sharp kid and has lent me some excellent books. Conversation with Andy Meade is always entertaining and he can actually cook some pretty decent Ethiopian food. And no Ethiopian food isn’t just rice mixed with sawdust.

Ashley Morgan: The Legendary Amazon

Let me start by stating the obvious: Ashley Morgan is a personal hero of mine. She is one of only two other bloggers I actually link to. That really says something.

Ashley Morgan is a 6’2” bicycling fanatic who has recently completed the 12 steps of AA.

As soon as I can get ahold of her, I would like to interview her as I have Fletch and Jeremy. I think she would be an excellent head to add to my growing collection.

Shawn Wang Mini-Profile

I met Shawn Wang via Craigslist when I was looking for a roommate. I had to find a place immediately and so I moved in with him and his friend, Jake. Both of them were really chill, nice guys; however, they were pretty messy. Shawn Wang had a sincere appreciation for appointments that were made at 4:20 am sharp- he was a very early riser. Shawn also had a predilection for going outside at odd times of the day and night to pick weed, which i thought was strange. 😉

Bobby Clarkson Mini-Profile

Bobby Clarkson is a pretty sharp guy. He was a member of my pledge class back when I was in the fraternity. Last time I checked in with him, he was some sort of an Analyst for a tech company and before that he worked at Scottrade as an Intern. Bobby, if you see this send me a message or call me and let me know what you’ve been up to.

Trey Wattson- Quick Profile

Trey Wattson was on of my roommates when I lived in the fraternity for a year and a quarter. Trey was a freshman and I was a sophomore for the year we lived together, along with Undui Redner and Richard Schreiber. Trey Wattson transferred from UW to USC after his freshman year. He was the person who introduced me to the “Wheel of Time” fantasy series written by Robert Jordan. I have read all the way up to the current book (13 I believe). Each book was an enormous tome containing an average of 1200 pages. Trey Wattson also really enjoyed military history and military movies such as Braveheart, BlackHawk Down, etc. Trey contemplated joining the military, but I don’t believe he ever did. Trey, if you ever read this, send me a message and let me know what you’re up to.