3DCart Design Agency in Los Angeles | Design Tips for Increasing Ecommerce Conversions


Jimmy Rodriguez, co-founder of the popular ecommerce software solution 3DCart, has a few ecommercedesign tips to share with the ecommerce design community. As owner of a 3DCart design agency in Los Angeles, I found these tips to be right on and worth passing on. Design tips like these are used regularly by my 3DCart design agency in Los Angeles. If you take these tips into account, you’re sure to increase the conversion rate on your online store and improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.

1. Have a Visible Shopping Cart

Shoppers like to know that what they are adding to their shopping cart is being saved. No one wants to waste their time shopping only to have their selections disappear. A great way to ensure your shoppers’ peace of mind is to prominently display their shopping cart contents throughout the course of their visit. Make your shopping cart information pop out with contrasting colors, and make it easy to check out whenever the customer is ready.

2. Optimize “Add to Cart” Buttons

Add to cart buttons make a dramatic impression on shoppers. Blues and greens work better than oranges and reds when it comes to the color of the button, while experience has shown that a direct, positive call to action like “add to cart” or “buy now” has the greatest effect.

3. Simplify Searches with Auto-Complete

Many shoppers like to go directly to the search to find their products. Cut down on trial and error by providing an auto-complete function that displays closest inventory items to a customer’s search to make the shopping experience more convenient.

4. Clarify Navigation Paths

Make sure your categories and subcategories are clear and logical; overly complex and tangled categories might cause your shoppers to become lost and frustrated. Fly-out menus that pop out help to reduce clutter, and include category paths so that customers can retrace their steps if they need to.

5. Let Visitors Control their Shopping Experience

Let shoppers filter their searches and adjust parameters for products-per-page. Providing customization options like this allow shoppers to tailor their own shopping experience, and they will be more likely to buy and to come back as well.

6. Provide a Quick Product Overview

Set up quick product overviews so that shoppers in a hurry can briefly scan your products. If they want to learn more, they can click through to a more detailed product page.

7. Clean Up Product Pages

Make sure your product pages are clean and easy to read. Images, prices, descriptions, and buy buttons should be the first thing the shopper sees. Reviews and additional links can come later, further down on the page.

8. Show Clearly Product Availability

Show up to date product availability in bold colors right on the product site. It is frustrating for a shopper to spend time adding items to a cart only to find later that they are not in stock.

9. Display Product Variations Intuitively

Make sure product variations, such as sizes and colors, are easy to find and navigate. Shoppers want to know exactly what they are getting, so provide prominent drop-down menus and color swatches.

10. Eliminate Distractions on the Checkout Page

Don’t overcomplicate the checkout process with more sales pitches or extra information. The pathway to the checkout page should be clear and easy to navigate. Offer one-page checkouts for the highest conversion rates. If it is easy for your shoppers to check-out, it is more likely they will return next time.

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