Amazon Webstore Design Agency | Tips for Holiday Merchandising

asdfThe holidays are upon us, and everyone is gearing up for the holiday traffic. As an Amazon Webstore owner, what can you do to improve your merchandising and outperform your competitors? The Amazon Webstore Team has recently provided some useful tips for selling in the holiday season. As owner of Amazon Webstore design agency, I can definitely get behind many of these suggestions. Want to be ready for the holiday shopping rush? Let’s go over the key points.

1. Make a Good First Impression

Make sure your customers are getting a positive impression on the first few pages they see. Put your best merchandise efforts on your home page and key category and landing pages. Stay simple and effective: you don’t want over-complication to slow your website down.

2. Eliminate Customer Clicks

Keep your best deals and high sellers within reach. Cut down on the amount of pages a customer has to click through as much as possible.

3. Promote Your Products

Do what you can to promote your products: push sales, deals, and free shipping to drawn in customers from the competition.

4. Provide Filters and Searches

Your store should have products searches that have price and brand filter functionality. Make sure your customers can find what they want fast.

5. Looking Good

As owner of an Amazon Webstore design agency, I have learned that visuals matter. Invest in attractive site design and imagery and you’ll bring more customers in.

6. Organize

Make sure your online store is organized well and flows for the browsing customer. If holiday shoppers get lost and become frustrated, chances are you are going to lose them. Consider in investing in an Amazon Webstore design agency to help you with this.

7. Minimize Scrolling

Provide as many products and as much information as possible within a small scrolling area, as long as you don’t clutter up your site. You don’t want your visitors getting frustrated from having to scroll through endless pages.

8. Check Your Messaging

Keep your messaging clear, simple, and direct. Don’t be afraid of appealing with bold calls to action, but if your messages get convoluted or repetitive, shoppers are going to ignore them.

9. Shipping is Important

Shoppers want to make sure their gifts reach their recipients in time. Make sure you have clear messaging on delivery times and cut off dates. You should also provide easy-to-find contact information.

10. Be Clear About Returns

Retailers can always expect a certain amount of returns in the holiday season. Make sure your return policy is clear and understandable, and that you communicate limitations up front.

Need an Amazon Webstore Professional?

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