Corecommerce Designers Keep up with New Responsive Design Themes


CoreCommerce is one of the top competing ecommerce platforms on the market. For those looking for a comprehensive shopping cart solution for their online business, CoreCommerce has plenty of useful functions to meet business’ needs. The company is constantly updating the software, leaving CoreCommerce designers with plenty of features to constantly keep up with. One recent feature that has CoreCommerce designers excited is a responsive design themes feature, which allows merchants to build flexible online stores that look great on any device. In the crowded, competitive ecommerce marketplace, it is important to stay current on the top ecommerce features so you can provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience.

Building a Store with CoreCommerce

CoreCommerce is a great program that allows you to build a nice-looking online store fast. It features a collection of easy-to-use templates in which you can upload your logo and customize your theme to provide an appealing store for your customers. With this program you can set up product galleries, handle multiple payment methods, ship your product, and much more. Included tools allow you to optimize your store for search engines and reach out with your products on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. CoreCommerce is always adding features to the software to further assist merchants with their online businesses.

Responsive Design Themes

One of the more exciting features that CoreCommerce hasrecently added is the responsive design themes feature. Usually when you build a site, you put in a fixed width you want that is optimized for viewing on a certain device, usually a PC or laptop monitor. However, if a customer wants to view your store on a smartphone or tablet screen, the site design might not translate well, resulting in a diminished shopping experience. Usually CoreCommerce designers have to craft multiple site versions, each of which are configured to be viewed on different sized screens. However, with CoreCommerce’s responsive design themes feature, site themes are flexible, allowing their designs to conform to the format of the device they are being viewed on. This not only saves time for the designer, it also provides a consistent shopping experience for your customers. Your customers can use any device to view your site, and they will still get the optimized shopping experience every time. Since your store is appealing to more customers across various devices, you will have many more opportunities for increasing your conversion rate.

Hire a CoreCommerce Designer

To succeed as an ecommerce business today, you have to do more than provide excellent products. You have to provide your customers with a convenient and memorable shopping experience. An ecommerce software solution like CoreCommerce has the power to craft an excellent online store, but to get the most out of the program, you should consider hiring professional CoreCommerce designers. A professional has intimate knowledge of CoreCommerce’s functions and capabilities, and can build an online store that takes advantage of these things. More importantly, a good professional CoreCommerce designer can keep up with the cutting edge in CoreCommerce features and make full use of them, such as the responsive design themes feature just introduced.Coalition Technologies offers the top CoreCommerce designers in the industry: our designers have extensive experience building stores on the CoreCommerce platform, while keeping up with changes in the industry and the latest in cutting edge features. Give us a call at (888) 993-7639 today for a free quote.