Magento vs. Zen Cart – A Quick Glance

Looking for an easy way to create an ecommerce website? Thanks to the shopping carts like Magnet and Zen cart, you can now create your own e-store with your desired features. Magneto and Zen Cart are two standard shopping carts that help you create a powerful online store. Let’s have a quick look at their details that make them stand-out.

Make a shopping cart in 2010
Make a shopping cart in 2010

Magento is a highly-efficient open-source platform that gives its users immense features and services. It gives you reliable web hosting service and a great catalog and inventory management system, which maintains orders and import and export of products. It is recognized as one of the most search engine friendly ecommerce website which makes product browsing easy by giving you various options. Magneto is flexible and prevailing, as it is easy to modify and has a strong community.

Zen Cart is also an open-source shopping cart that comes with source code which you can modify. It has numerous add-ons that can be downloaded and installed on Zen Cart system. Zen Cart has an excellent product management system that provides you many options such as sorting of products in categories and sub-categories, create attributes for products with respect to color, size and much more.  Zen cart is a powerful software that is worth considering if your requirements are clear and matching its characteristics.

My favorite shopping cart is still BigCommerce: See the video below for a tour

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