Prostores vs. Magento – Which is the Best?

Ecommerce is becoming a developed business with time. Success of ecommerce depends on the features and services offered by the shopping cart solution. With remarkable features offered, Magento and Prostores have become quite popular in today’s market. Let’s have a brief look at their attributes and characteristics.

Shopping Carts: Income Automated?
Shopping Carts: Income Automated?

Prostores is an e-bay supported ecommerce service that provides services to small and medium-sized businesses. The services of Prostores include everything that is needed for an online business setup. One of the key features of Prostores is its online showroom (or virtual showroom). It allows you to set up the internet store in the domain of the owner, rather then Prostores. Prostores provide ecommerce solutions in the form of a wizard based website that offers different ecommerce capabilities.. Even the users with no or less technical knowledge of web and development can benefit by using this service. Prostores offer business website designing tools, ecommerce functionalities and e-business management services. You can manage the process to sell and buy a product on eBay by using the same interface of Prostores.

Magento is open-source software that gives the online merchants entire control.  They are not bounded to any constraints on business process or other control systems. In fact, it lets you put your own web store within few minutes.  By installing only one store, you can create an unlimited number of stand alones. It has proper security measures as all online stores can be configured to use one SSL. To make your life easier, Magneto provides functionalities such as shipping to multiple addresses, option of mobile commerce and various SEO features.

What is the bottom line? Read my full review of the top 4 shopping carts in 2010 here. You may also choose to watch my video review of showing characteristics of the top shopping carts below including my current favorite, BigCommerce.

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