5 Key SEO Metrics

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It is true that keywords remain an important part of any SEO strategy. A search engine’s chief function is to pair its user’s search query, or an inputted keyword or phrase, with the most relevant website. However, keywords are only part of the puzzle; a modern search engine algorithm figures many factors in when retrieving results. Besides, what good is reaching the top of the rankings if you aren’t making any sales? Our SEO agency Los Angeles operations always address a number of aspects simultaneously when we carry out a campaign for our client.  Let’s go over 5 key SEO metrics that are important to any campaign.

1. Keywords

Getting to the top of the search engine rankings for a given keyword or phrase does help. Combined with other important tactics, it is good to research the keywords your target demographic is using and go after the keyword rankings that are going to bring in traffic and benefit your business. However, keep in mind that there are many other things you should be doing than ranking high with your chosen keywords.

2. Links

Links are important to any SEO strategy, and we regularly seek to build them up in our SEO agency Los Angeles efforts. However, there are frequent misconceptions concerning links and their use. Desirable links should be working for your website, not against it. That means quality links that are relevant to your material, which will actually bring in traffic. Gone are the days when you can purchase a ton of links, pack your site full of keywords, and watch your site rocket to the top of the search results. Search engines will now penalize websites that build up links to low quality sites of dubious relevance.

Today it is important to carefully build solid, quality links from sites that are reputable and useful themselves. Make sure to take special care in your link building efforts or you may end up frustrating your own project.

3. Site Traffic

Traffic is another important metric. Smart keyword research and link building SEO strategy will bring in plenty of traffic: a large portion of shoppers around the world use search engines heavily to look up information and find products and services. There are other ways to bring in traffic as well, such as with email marketing, pay per click ads, and more traditional means of marketing such as radio spots and TV ads.

Traffic isn’t going to do you much good if your site isn’t delivering the goods though. If your visitors are coming to your site and don’t find what they are looking for, or don’t like what they see, or become lost or frustrated, they’re not going to buy anything. Our SEO agency Los Angeles campaigns emphasize rich content, smart site organization, and rigorous conversion testing on top of traffic driving methods to ensure better outcomes.

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4. Conversions

Whether your goal is to make a sale, acquire a lead, or have a visitor contact you, you are looking to maximize conversions on your website. Plus, search algorithms factor into conversions on your website for rankings. As explained above, this is done independent of merely attracting traffic. You may be able to attract visitors to your website, but will they stay? Will they perform the actions that you want them to?

This is where good content, quality web design, smart organization, and conversion testing come into play. Are your call to actions working as they should? Is it easy to place an order? Are visitors finding what they are looking for? Think about these questions when you are looking to optimize your conversion rate.

5. Total Revenue

Perhaps one of the most important factors in our SEO agency Los Angeles campaigns is the amount of incoming revenue in proportion to costs. Every successful SEO campaign should amount to profits above and beyond the costs that go in, which is of course obvious to any business owner. However, it is important to revisit the revenue metric again and again to make sure the SEO campaign is worth the effort.

Hire a Professional

Each of these metrics is necessary in itself, but it takes all of them working together to really make a good SEO campaign. For the best results and the highest return on your investment, hire a professional. Coalition Technologies is one of the top SEO firms in the industry. Our SEO agency Los Angeles campaigns seek to maximize not just common, superficial SEO metrics, but all of the metrics necessary to a client’s success, especially in terms of the profits a client is taking in as a result of the campaign. Give us a call today at 1-888-652-0637 and get a free quote.


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