Amazon Webstore vs. BigCommerce

The ecommerce platform with which you choose to facilitate your online business can ultimately have a big impact on the success of your online store. An ecommerce platform will affect how good your site looks, how much time it takes to build your site, how well it is run, how much profit you ultimately make on your conversions, and much more.  In this article, I will consider Amazon Webstore vs BigCommerce and detail some of the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

Amazon Webstore


Amazon Webstore presents an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the large store of demand waiting on Amazon’s store. The platform integrates with Amazon shopping, making it easy for millions of Amazon shoppers to find your site and shop for your products. The program uses Amazon’s cart and payment processing, and it integrates with Amazon’s shipping systems for a low cost so you can get your products packed and shipped.

All of that exposure and convenience comes at a price, however. There are some downsides to using the Amazon Webstore. Some of the web design options are user-unfriendly, there is limited SEO customization, and the marketing tools are lacking. Also, there are all sorts of fees that start coming up when you use their service, such as marketplace fees, transaction fees, fraud protection fees, and payment processing fees, which can add up. Amazon also has a history ofpoaching sales from their clients as well, which means using their clients’ data for business decisions and undercutting their products.



BigCommerce is one of the top hosted ecommerce solutions on the market, and for good reason. BigCommerce is easy to use, and you can build a great-looking site fast with little hassle. If you want to go deeper on customization and create a unique site, there are excellent tools available for doing so. BigCommerce has plenty of great SEO and marketing tools as well, so you can bring in more traffic. Shipping and payment are taken care of and mobile support is solid.

There are some downsides to BigCommerce too. The pay plans are affordable, but if you only go with the cheaper plan, you will find yourself with limited bandwidth. Also, if you want to pursue deeper customization, you have to sit down and spend a little more time with Bigcommerce. There is much more you can do with its tools, but that also means taking more time to learn too. In terms of the Amazon Webstore vs BigCommerce debate, BigCommerce definitely has a less harsh set of limitations.


So when it comes to Amazon Webstore vs BigCommerce, who is the clear winner? As a professional web designer who has built countless online stores using many different ecommerce platforms, I’d say the best platform right now is easily BigCommerce. Amazon Webstore is convenient and gives you the opportunity to reach millions of users, but those advantages come at a heavy price. You risk being nickel and dimed and undercut in the future. With BigCommerce, you do have to put more time and effort into crafting a site, but if you do, you end up with a better-looking, better-working site. You’ll also keep more of your revenue and you won’t have to worry about being undercut. You can still reach a large portion of the market with intelligent marketing too.

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