Down with Notre Dame!

Consider the following factoids:

Michigan lost it’s first game to lowly Division 2 Appalachian State.

Michigan lost got killed in it’s second game by Oregon State (decent team).

Michigan murdered Notre Dame 38-0.

Notre Dame has yet to have scored an offensive touchdown this season.

USC has dominated both games it played, rolling up over 300 yards on the ground against #14 Nebraska.… read more “Down with Notre Dame!”

Randall Gross: A Profile in Cowardice

Note: The person referred to in this blog post is the Randall Gross who resides in Puyallup, WA and works for MultiCare Health system in Tacoma, WA.

The following blog is, as with everything on this website, an opinion of Joel Gross; while facts described are true, the conclusions drawn from those facts are personal, and may not accurately reflect Randall more “Randall Gross: A Profile in Cowardice”

Logic Loses to Passion

In my life I have come across certain situations in which I could see potentially disastrous results of actions before I engaged in them. For instance, when I was in the 4th grade some kid and I had been arguing and calling each other names. He sucker punched me and ran over and stood next to the teacher watching recess for protection.… read more “Logic Loses to Passion”


I decided to wear all black to work today. I have black cords, a black T-shirt, black shoes and even black socks. The black clothing coordinates well with my black heart. I feel like I’m Batman. Nah na na na… BATMAN!

Sites to visit (don’t)

Some sites you may be interested (don’t bother they all suck) in visiting are:

Extensive psychology articles that discuss all the different aspects of human sexuality, murder and other really fun stuff.

When you have looked at all the psychology information, be sure to go read the awesome stories written by Fletch… Fletch has some real and true writing talent.… read more “Sites to visit (don’t)”

The Peak of Narcissism

A dear friend mentioned to me earlier this evening that I should write a blog “on the idea, or possibility that blogs are a symptom of our generation (the “me generation”)’s delusion that we are all interesting enough – great enough, etc. – to be chronicled, and read.” In response to such an interesting query, I decided to have three facets of the diamond that is me reply; my logical side, my romantic side and my meatheaded side.… read more “The Peak of Narcissism”