My humorous friends have decided to throw a “sausage party”. Here is the invite lol.


It’s fall. The air is crispy, the leaves are changing color, and the PCC is lining its shelves with pumpkin ale. This means:

It’s time to have a Sausage Fest!

This Friday, October 12, at 8pm, Ben, Ash and I will be serving up sausage (veggie ones too, though I find the notion blasphemous), beer, fried potatoes, sauerkraut, and anything else we can come up with.

You: Come over, bring any of the items on the above food list, and hang out while we all eat some sausage. Extra points if you bring me pumpkin ale, or come dressed as a German bar maid.

Please invite people whose email addresses I don’t know (Lucy, Johnny, Neil, Peter, and their sort, that is, good sausage loving people. I know that doesn’t really include Neil.) I think Ash has already covered the Chris and friends front. However do keep in mind Ash and Ben’s apartment is not enormous so we request that no homeless people found on the way be brought along, they will not be admitted.

(Ash and Ben’s apartment)

With Love and Sausage,

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