BigCommerce vs. Volusion

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is essential to a successful online store. Your website will look better than others, it will be easier to run and you can spend more time on your business, and you will have the opportunity to attract more traffic and increase conversions. You definitely want the best ecommerce program out there. So when it comes to BigCommerce vs Volusion, which are two of the most popular ecommerce programs on the market, which is the best?



BigCommerce has everything you need to run a great online store. It has an intuitive and easy to use web design interface that allows you to build a great-looking site fast, but you can still customize everything about it for that unique feel. You get a lot of great features for a fair payment scheme: some of the best marketing and SEO tools in the industry, international shipping, multiple payment options, 1 page checkout, automated photo gallery creation, social media integration, mobile site support, great analytics, and much more.

There are a few downsides to BigCommerce. The basic templates are somewhat plain, so you have to put some time in getting to know the program’s more complex customization options if you really want a unique site. Also, you get limited bandwidth on the cheaper payment plan.



Volusion is a great program; it has been around a while and the company is constantly improving its features. This program offers an easy store set up, good SEO tools, decent payment schemes, 1 page checkout, easy administration, nice product galleries, a product comparison tool, advanced analytics, marketing tools, and more.

Volusion has its share of drawbacks too. Volusion’s interface is not as slick and intuitive as BigCommerce’s, and even though websites are easy to set up with Volusion, the program’s customer support is notoriously bad. If you get stuck somewhere you might find yourself with a frustrating time.  Considering bigcommerce vs volusion, BigCommerce’s customer service is definitely better.


When it comes to BigCommerce vs Volusion, which program is the best? As a web designer who is experienced with many different ecommerce platforms, I have to say that BigCommerce is easily the best. For the same pricing, you can get more basic features and data from BigCommerce than you can with Volusion. BigCommerce has a better interface, more robust customization, and higher quality marketing and SEO tools. BigCommerce definitely beats out the competition in this one.

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