Blind to Your Mistakes?

Scientific research has shown that people filter out evidence that is contrary to their beliefs.  People also hate to admit their faults even to themselves.

How can filtering evidence and hiding faults hurt you?

Let’s say you are the CEO of Acme Widget Manufacturing and you believe that the South American market does not have enough money to buy your widgets.  You never both selling there, even though the data says that Brazil alone has a GDP of $1.6 TRILLION.  You fail to open South American sales offices while your competitor Zoey Widget Manufacturing does and gains economies of scale and undercuts your pricing in your home market DRIVING YOU OUT OF BUSINESS EVEN AT HOME!

I personally have a very hard time admitting my faults and definitely ignore (or get annoyed) by evidence that is different than my current beliefs. However, as the above example points out, it is VITAL to my success to get better at figuring out which of my beliefs isn’t very good and what my faults are. I am going to work hard at figuring out my faults…. this is your opportunity to point out faults you see in me in the comments section. Have fun 😉

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. I think you need to learn how to keep promises. You promised me you would get me a gizmo when we were in college. well 4 years have passed and I dont see a gizmo in my room!!!!

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