Coalition Website Redesign

I went through the whole process of redesigning the Coalition website, but just don’t feel that the new version is good enough, so I put it on hold. I think I am going to start from scratch again. My key goals for the website are to:

  1. Clearly convey our value proposition to customers
  2. Super fast page load speed / AMP compatibility
  3. Professional, nice design

I want to rethink our message and how it is portrayed.… read more “Coalition Website Redesign”

Flex Days

I am thinking about trying to give my team members more flexible schedules. The benefits would be to reduce their commute times, allow them to work schedules when their bodies are more comfortable, and to increase morale. The risks / downsides are that it is easier for people to cheat the company, and people won’t be available when coworkers or clients need to reach them.… read more “Flex Days”

How I Built & Sold My Dropshipping Biz for $16,100

The following post is the story of how I built and sold one of my businesses. I hope that it is helpful to other entrepreneurs, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments section below.

I created a side business with my friend Josh from UW Seattle business school in June of 2008.… read more “How I Built & Sold My Dropshipping Biz for $16,100”

Landlord Troubles

The ownership of our building changed and the new owner has been an absolute nightmare to deal with.  They are trying to force us out of our unit because they don’t think we pay enough in rent – they bought the building to try to raise rents. However, we have a lease for 8 years, so they are trying to make so much trouble for us that we will voluntarily leave.… read more “Landlord Troubles”