Offensive Jokes You Can Never Repeat To Anyone

I found a fun thread on Reddit with jokes that you should never repeat to anyone. Here are a few that are less offensive (and yes, I realize these are all still highly offensive!):

  • Why did Princess Di cross the road?” She wasn’t wearing her seatbelt
  • How do you know Princess Di had dandruff? When she crashed, they found her Head & Shoulders on the dashboard…
  • What do you call a train full of toffee?
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Maurice Taylor of Titan International: My SuperHero

Maurice Taylor, the CEO of a major tire manufacturer- Titan International- finally came out with what everyone thinks about the French labor unions.  He published an awesome letter in a French daily saying the following:

  • French workers work only 3 hours a day
  • He would be stupid to take over a Goodyear Tire factory going out of business because the “French workforce gets paid high wages but only works three hours.
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My Top 10 Favorite Activities in Los Angeles

Below are my top 10 favorite activities to do in Los Angeles:

  1. Outdoor rock climbing in Malibu Creek or at Tick Rock
  2. Comedy shows at the Comedy Store
  3. Outdoor basketball or flag football at Venice beach
  4. Visiting the Getty museum with its beautiful views and art
  5. Going to new restaurants – and old ones I love like A-Frame, Lemonade, Earl’s, and the Corner Door
  6. Pitch & Putt golf (several courses on the West side)
  7. Go see plays at the community theaters with their excellent talent
  8. Hot air ballooning in Temecula
  9. Walking around the Santa Monica Promenade
  10. Hike up to the Griffith Observatory

Nick Loper – Great Blog Posts

I regularly write blog posts, many of which aren’t as well thought out or researched as they should be.  It’s hard enough just trying to remind myself to write them, much less have something original & genuinely interesting to talk about.  I have followed another blogger, Nick Loper, for a couple of years now and have found many of his contributions to be really good.  … read more “Nick Loper – Great Blog Posts”

My To Do List

My to do list is ridiculously large and consists of items like:

  • Christmas cards for clients
  • Build case studies for web design (separate ones for programming vs CMS vs ecommerce?)
  • Start Adwords to GWO test for CT
  • Go to programmer networking events for recruiting

73 separate items to do, to be exact.