What a turd

Danny Bonaduce (crazy radio host who had a television show about his addiction to steroids) threw a former “Survivor” reality show winner over his back and smashed his face open at a reality show. The guy had a bunch of teeth broken out. Watch the video.

Important Breaking News

-The Department of Homeland Security has been working hard to make sure YOU are safe! Yesterday, 3 Mexican minors who had been arrested near the border on suspicion of smuggling drugs stole the patrol vehicle… while handcuffed. Incompetence at its best.

Mouth to Mouth Assault… how romantic.

-Apparently I should be a swimmer or a rower and give up on cycling.… read more “Important Breaking News”

Online affairs?!

Having an affair offline is a horrible, awful thing to do. But what about an affair online? MSNBC posted an article on people who have affairs online with people they’ve never met and the resulting divorces. Crazy shit. Who the hell gets on World of Warcraft and after hacking down a couple of monsters, gets married?