The Boogeyman

Once there was a time, when I was a small boy, that I was afraid of the Boogeyman. When I walked through dark places, I could feel chill fingers crawling up my spine as he watched me. The Boogeyman was waiting and watching for me to slip up so he could pounce and take my soul. At nighttime, I would lay in my bed with my blankets in a cocoon over my head so he wouldn’t see me.

Time passed and many experiences changed that little boy. He grew bigger, more intelligent and went through a jading life; he grew up.

I now am no longer frightened of the dark. There is very little that is scary anymore. I have complete confidence in myself. I am always watching.Catlike, I always land on my feet. Or chin.

Somewhere, somehow, I became the Boogeyman.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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