Beautiful Art Made From Trash

I found the following art by Tim Nobel and Sue Webster to be really creative and pretty. I haven’t seen anything like it before. They take garbage and shape it into a specific form and have a bright light pointed at it so the trash creates interesting shadows. Nobel & Webster’s art though is probably better appreciated in a picture rather than in actual life… less smelly ;).

Eric Gustafson Amazing Art Photography

Eric Gustafson’s art photography is really cool. The artist Eric Gustafson tries to bring images to people that they have not seen before including strange perspectives and ambiguous emotive scenes. Eric Gustafson lives in Austin, Texas currently but has lived all over the country including my hometown of Seattle. Look at the images below and let me know what you think of Eric Gustafson!… read more “Eric Gustafson Amazing Art Photography”

First Thursday Art Walk in Seattle- Pioneer Square

Tonight I am headed out to do the art walk in downtown Seattle and Pioneer Square. The art walk is always entertaining as you get to talk to the artists, look at their art and drink cheap wine and eat snacks provided by said artists. The art walk event happens on the first Thursday of each month at about 6 pm.… read more “First Thursday Art Walk in Seattle- Pioneer Square”