10 Prominent Search Engine Web Designers

I chose not to link to any of these prominent search engine web designers because they have too many different pages on the internet to choose just one. If you would like to learn more about them, hit up one of the search engines and you will find hundreds of pages (and more flattering pictures ;))!read more “10 Prominent Search Engine Web Designers”

WordPress Publish Ahead of Time Error

I found an error with WordPress this week. WordPress has a great feature that allows you to schedule posts to come out whenever you wish. For instance, I can write a post and schedule it to be posted tomorrow morning at 8am. The post will remain in a queue until then and will go live on it’s own at 8am.… read more “WordPress Publish Ahead of Time Error”

How to put a Favicon in WordPress Blog

Favicons are the cool little symbols that are right to the left of your title in the browser bar. Favicons in your bookmarksFavicons are also used in the bookmarks section of your web browser (see left side image). For example, the black circle with a white U to the left of the Underdog Sports Leagues name is a favicon.… read more “How to put a Favicon in WordPress Blog”