City of Seattle Scams Citizens

The city of Seattle is a terribly managed government organization.‚  Seattle does very little to actually benefit local residents, while extorting them at every turn.‚  I recently had someone do a hit & run on my car and even though I gave the city of Seattle the license plate number and they found out who did it, the city will do nothing about it because it can’t make any money.‚  However, when I let my license tabs lapse, I got two big tickets in the same day.‚  Expired tabs do no harm to anyone except to government revenues, whereas a hit & run maniac can harm many people.‚  Because the city of Seattle doesn’t care about its citizens though, it ignores criminals while extorting regular people.

Another issue I ran into recently with the City of Seattle is that I just received a notice from the King County District Court that I owed $226… from over TWO YEARS ago.‚  Upon investigation, I discovered that it was actually something that I had paid, but they had lost the records and required a massive amount of work to figure it out.‚  The City of Seattle is so incompetently run that it took them two full years to send me a simple notice (and it was incorrect at that).

The City of Seattle has discovered many backdoor ways to screw it’s citizens as well: Seattle has set up exclusive agreements with certain trashy cable providers (Broadstripe being mine) so that the cable companies can massively overcharge ($70/ month for just internet) and the city gets kickbacks.‚  The City of Seattle has also come up with a vast myriad of ways to charge companies and hide taxes in random fees and all of that trickles down to the citizenry.

Seattle offers poor police protection and a barely functioning court system and very little else of real value to taxpayers, but continues to screw its residents over for massive amounts of money.

Who’s fault is it that the City of Seattle is so poorly run?

The incompetent Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and the Seattle City Council members listed below are most of the reason Seattle is such a poorly operated city:

Tim Burgess
Sally Clark
Richard Conlin
Jean Godden
Jan Drago
Bruce Harrell
Nick Licata
Richard McIver
Tom Rasmussen

All of these people should be tossed out of office.‚  Seattle would be better off as an unincorporated part of King County than the current situation where citizens are scammed daily.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. I swear!!! The city of seattle has the most whiny people! nothing satisfies them and if you are that ignorant about it…move somewhere else crybabies.

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