CoreCommerce Disadvantages – What Does it Lack?

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Starting an ecommerce business can be very technical and tiring. CoreCommerce is one tool that tries guide you through all the steps necessary to get business online. CoreCommerce is a difficult to use software which offers web hosting, ecommerce tools and shopping cart. It is unreliable and ineffective and gives all basic features needed to maintain store.  However, all the ecommerce solutions lack in some way, which gives the customer a second thought on whether to choose it or not. For my full review of the top four ecommerce solutions of 2010 click here. You can also watch my Youtube video embedded below:

Although CoreCommerce attempts toprovides its users a variety of features such as SEO Optimization, membership pricing, vendor support, product reviews, multiple currencies etc, but it still lacks at a few places.  CoreCommerce team has been continuously improving to increase their sales as well as to provide users with best services. Some of the places, where it needs to be improved are:

  • CoreCommerce Review
    CoreCommerce Review

    Since its inception, CoreCommerce has gained less popularity unlike other shopping carts. It is quoted in low-key terms with only hundreds of followers on Twitter and a handful of blog posts every month.

  • Cost of CoreCommerce is relatively high as compared to other ecommerce shopping carts.
  • CoreCommerce lacks behind in the quality of templates, as compared to other shopping carts, for instance, BigCommerce. It offers only few free templates, unlike others which offer a range of templates. The templates are passable and serviceable but not as customizable.
  • The SEO optimization is bit crappy and not as powerful as ones in BigCommerce or Volusion. The SEO scripts are not dominant and lack advanced version. It has a lot of CSS embedded in the page with no URLs and no Meta tags. This is a drawback as it can decrease the sales fourfold.
  • The URLs are also not up to mark. They are not user-friendly with Id’s or other identifiers at the end of the page.
  • Even though all the options are available, it has an ordinary administration interface and lacks the polish of a shopping cart. They should work on this area to give an enhanced and sparkled look similar to that of a shopping cart, like that of BigCommerce, which has an elegant administration area. Perhaps a little more focus on good designer can do wonders.
  • Though the security features are well-equipped, but in an effort to have more security for the users, CoreCommerce automatically logs you out of the administration panel after fifteen minutes, with a warning sign before hand. This particularly affects people who are managing online stores from public computers.
  • According to some customer reviews, small and minor mistakes such as spelling mistake have also been reported, such as Melborene instead of Melbourne in time zone. This shows lack of quality control on part of the team of Core Commerce.
  • The compatibility with QuickBooks is little weak, as when QB download is used, customers experience problems while generating reports in Quick Books.

CoreCommerce is an ecommerce solution that offers tools to manage an online store and shopping cart. It also provides several support options as well as a complete online user guide. With few improvements, it could do wonders and become a favorite. However for the time being I will stick with my current favorite, BigCommerce.

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