My To Do List

My to do list is ridiculously large and consists of items like:

  • Christmas cards for clients
  • Build case studies for web design (separate ones for programming vs CMS vs ecommerce?)
  • Start Adwords to GWO test for CT
  • Go to programmer networking events for recruiting

73 separate items to do, to be exact.

Wall Street Excess: Government Sponsored

You hear about the multimillion dollar annual bonuses given to Wall Street employees?

That’s your money.

The most popular form of paying private equity firms is a concept called “2 and 20”. What it means is that these firms get 2% of the total investment each year AND 20% of the profits. No self respecting private business owner or manager would ever agree to such obscene terms.… read more “Wall Street Excess: Government Sponsored”

How SEO Works

How SEO Works

I created this image today to help people better understand how SEO works.  If you open the How-SEO-Works image in a new tab you will be able to view it in full size and read more about how SEO gets you top rankings in the search engines.