SEO & PHP: 5 Practical Applications

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing websites so that their pages appear in high positions in search engines like Google for important keywords (like “women’s swimwear”).

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor – this is a made up name… it originally was just initials) is the default programming language of the web.  It is the P  in LAMP stack.  … read more “SEO & PHP: 5 Practical Applications”

My To Do List

My to do list is ridiculously large and consists of items like:

  • Christmas cards for clients
  • Build case studies for web design (separate ones for programming vs CMS vs ecommerce?)
  • Start Adwords to GWO test for CT
  • Go to programmer networking events for recruiting

73 separate items to do, to be exact.

Wall Street Excess: Government Sponsored

You hear about the multimillion dollar annual bonuses given to Wall Street employees?

That’s your money.

The most popular form of paying private equity firms is a concept called “2 and 20”. What it means is that these firms get 2% of the total investment each year AND 20% of the profits. No self respecting private business owner or manager would ever agree to such obscene terms.… read more “Wall Street Excess: Government Sponsored”

How SEO Works

How SEO Works

I created this image today to help people better understand how SEO works.  If you open the How-SEO-Works image in a new tab you will be able to view it in full size and read more about how SEO gets you top rankings in the search engines.