Osama Bin Laden Succeeded

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Osama bin Laden’s legacy lives on with every traveler being herded through body scanners, with every illegal search in our 120-mile-radius Constitution-free zones, and with every warrantless wiretap. Until his legacy dies, he lives on, as strong as ever. … Can I at least bring a tube of toothpaste with me when I travel now?

Polish Comment on America

The land of the free. As I read more and more of those stories I can’t help but wonder at how things changed. I am from a formerly-eastern-europe-soviet-bloc country (Poland) and these kinds of oppressive techniques sound very familiar. The haziness of procedures, lack of basic rights, intimidation, no accountability of state officials — we’ve seen all that until 1989.… read more “Polish Comment on America”

What to Look for in a San Diego SEO Company

There’s something special about San Diego. San Diego SkylineThe history, hills, culture, and location work together to create a unique place to call home. When you spread the word about your company, you want someone who understands your business, marketplace, and, most importantly, your home. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a San Diego SEO company.… read more “What to Look for in a San Diego SEO Company”

Online Learning

I love learning!

I have been spending tons of time lately learning more about programming and frameworks and economics and listening to Ted talks. The more I do it, the more fun it gets!

Finding a San Diego Website Design Company That Understands Your Business

San Diego Website DesignThere was a time when you didn’t need much from your company’s website. Some contact information, a few images, and maybe an “about us” was all you needed. That just won’t cut it anymore. Modern consumers have much higher expectations for your website. They expect a site that conveys your brand, answers questions, can be interacted with, and is mobile friendly.… read more “Finding a San Diego Website Design Company That Understands Your Business”

Website Design for San Diego Companies Should Include These 3 Components

website design for San DiegoYour company’s website is probably the most important aspect of your online presence. The design of your site, and the experience users have while visiting it, can significantly impact the success of your business. The most effective website design in San Diego will create a site that is easy to use, utilizes in depth research, and helps create conversions.… read more “Website Design for San Diego Companies Should Include These 3 Components”

3 Tips for San Diego Internet Marketing

San Diego’s Classic HotelMarketing your business on the web is a must these days. Modern customers search out information about businesses online. But how do you make your presence known when there are so many other San Diego businesses vying for the same customers? These three San Diego internet marketing tips can help you cut through the clutter and reach your audience.… read more “3 Tips for San Diego Internet Marketing”