Remove Patents on Drugs

#1 cause of bankruptcy in America is medical needs. You should not go bankrupt to stay alive. Most of this research is publicly funded at universities, then privatized as soon as something is discovered.

To allow the free market to work, we must introduce competition. To have competition, we must remove ridiculous patents on things like genes and drugs.… read more “Remove Patents on Drugs”

2020 Predictions

My predictions for year 2020 are:

  • High inflation or recession hits
  • Donald Trump is reelected despite more new damaging news. Election fraud by foreign actors on his behalf is found later
  • Hong Kong protesters are crushed and the international community does nothing

These are for the decade of 2020:

  • Russia continues to gain significant new influence around the world
  • Formerly democratic governments use facial recognition and other forms of bulk control more
  • Climate change gets worse, climate change deniers dig in their heels
  • Gene editing leads to millions of deaths from new disease or resurging old diseases.
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