Embassy Italian Stone Genuine Leather Jumbo Purse

The Embassy Italian Stone Genuine Leather Jumbo Purse is truly a bargain. This beautifully crafted Italian leather purse offers the stylish quality you expect from Embassy and will let you shop around in style with the trendy look.

This embassy Italian stone design genuine leather jumbo purse comes with authentic and antique hardware and features a zippered closure that safely and securely keeps your possessions safe. The shoulder strap is wide, roomy and lined making it comfortable for hours of use. One of the best features of this embassy jumbo black leather purse is that it is big enough to hold your wallet, cell phone, coin purse and many other items that you need to carry, but is not bulky and will not be a burden to you to carry.

Most large purses can be cumbersome and always seem to be in the way. The embassy jumbo black leather purse is a rare exception; it is lightweight, weighing only two pounds and is soft enough to conform to your shape when you are walking around with it. If you are looking for a genuine leather purse that is both affordable and practical, you will be happy with the embassy jumbo black purse.

The beautifully crafted Italian stone design makes it truly a wonderful purse to tote around with you. The genuine leather is top of the line in quality and design and you will love the look and the feel of the soft leather. It is durable and easy to care for which makes it a great investment for an embassy black purse that you can have with you for years to come.

The embassy jumbo black leather purse also has plenty of room and compartments inside to take care of your small and important possessions. You do not have to compromise functionality with this purse. It offers small compartments inside of the large zippered pouch that make it easy to find room for your checkbook, wallet and any other item you need to carry with you.

You will be impressed with the quality that embassy puts into all of their purses and products, and this embassy black jumbo leather purse is certainly not any different. If you have been looking for a quality, functional and beautiful embassy jumbo black leather purse, you should consider this one. It is affordable and you will not have to spend too much money but will be impressed with the quality.

Another great feature of the embassy black purse is that the shoulder strap is one of the best around. It has a wide design and is comfortable to wear, no matter how much you weigh your purse down with. You can enjoy plenty of hours of shopping with this embassy black leather purse and not have to worry about your shoulder buckling to the weight.

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