Emerson Unconventional Edged Weapons – Set of 5 DVD’s

Emerson Unconventional Edged Weapons – Set of 5 DVD’s

The Emerson unconventional edged weapons DVD set has something to offer any weapon enthusiast. This 5 DVD collection set has the best to offer in the famous Emerson weaponry all in one convenient set of DVD’s. The instructional DVD set will bring you hours of instruction and entertainment.

This instructional series is not only educational and full of information on unconventional edged weapons; it also provides you with a high level of sportsmanship and experience. It is a series of instructional evolutions that can enable you to increase your fighting skills with unconventional edged weapons. The DVD’s are taught in a progressive system using the Accelerated Learning Protocol, which takes you to a new level of dynamic and unprecedented skill in handling and mastering the Emerson edged weapons. This information is new on DVD and until this set was made, the information provided was not released to anyone.

This first DVD in the set shows you how to build a solid foundation in the core moves and strategies that are used by experts in weaponry. The first DVD in the series contains the principles and drills you will need to ensure proper foot movements, stances and fighting movements.

The second DVD in the series begins to teach how to put your individual skills together to be able to create a set of fighting skills that is impressive with unconventional edged weapons. This DVD will provide you with the drills and exercises you need to create and enhance your skills and techniques with Emerson edged weapons. Some topics that this DVD goes over are how to become your best ultimate fighter and more advanced skills and movements. There are also detailed sections that cover the proper stance and techniques you will need to do for handling unconventional edged weapons.

The third DVD in this series shows you more techniques and introduces the knife and how to use it with your other unconventional edged weapons and skills you have already learned. By showing you exercises and drills, you will be able to learn how to utilize more of the techniques and skills from beginning in the training and apply them with real weaponry. You will be taught a series of striking techniques; stance and movements that will help increase your fighting abilities.

The fourth DVD in the series shows the ability to move between one weapon and another. This DVD begins to show you advanced strategies and techniques of using unconventional edged weapons. You will be able to learn advancements from the first DVD’s and begin to learn how to put all of the moves together.

The fifth DVD in the series shows you advanced tactics of all of the combined lessons learned in this series of DVD’s. It will show you how to put together everything you have learned and apply that to the art of using Emerson edged weapons.

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