Entertaining Prank Call

A funny comedian keeps a recorder by his phone in case telemarketers call. The ensuing conversation is really entertaining.

Here’s some of my favorite quotes from the telemarketer call:

“Hey guys get really good pictures of the body. Dust everything down for prints. Ok…”

“Mr. Mabe is no longer with us, I’m officer Clarke, I’m conducting a homicide investigation.”

“This call has already been traced and we may need you to come in for further questioning.”

“Your at work? You being a smart ass?”

“Say I wanted to mail your ass a letter. What would I have to put on the outside of the envelope?”

“Where were you last night between the hours of 8 and 10?”

“I’m not feeling real comfortable with any of this.”

“Mr. Mabe was a flaming homosexual. Were you his gay lover?”

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Joel Gross

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  1. A crazy Arab man making prank calls to strangers after midnight. I want to stop him calling. I don’t wanna wake up by stupid phone call again and again. This guy is much annoying than the video.
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