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Google just released its new web browser, Google Chrome and I am going to do a short

Google Chrome Review below. ‚ You can download Google Chrome by visiting this site:‚

Google Chrome has a bunch of new features that are pretty cool. ‚ One of the primary features you will notice right away is that instead of having one box for typing in addresses and another for doing a Google or Live search, you use the same intelligent box for both. ‚ Google Chrome uses Google search to help you search and it recognizes if you are trying to go to a web address instead.

Google Chrome is the newest internet browser.
Google Chrome is the newest internet browser.

The single coolest feature offered by Google Chrome over Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer is the ability to drag tabs out to create a new window or drag tabs between various open windows. ‚ I typically do a lot of my web browsing with many tabs open at a time and I have wished for this feature for a long time.

Google Chrome also is much better at handling crashes because each tab is its own seperate process. ‚ This means that when one tab crashes, you don’t lose your entire session of all windows you had open. ‚  Pretty amazing.

Another interesting feature is the ability to run web applications without opening a browser. ‚ I am not sure how this works yet, but I’ll be digging into it soon.

For you married men who look at porn and don’t want your wife & kids finding out, Google Chrome also has an incognito mode which does not save the pages you are looking at to your web history.

Google Chrome also has a variety of other features that I’m not going to get into in this review, including protection from phishing & spam sites, instant bookmarking and unobtrusive download management.

Why did Google decide to launch a browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox? ‚ I think that Google is not targetting Firefox in this effort nearly so much as Microsoft. ‚ Google is concerned that Microsoft could make some tweaks to Internet Explorer that would discourage users from visiting the core product in Google’s portfolio- it’s search engine ‚ Google Chrome is intended to give Google a foot in the door of the browser market so that it can better protect it’s business interests. ‚ 

Big portions of computing have started to move to be web based and this trend is going to continue to accelerate as time goes on. ‚ Most people don’t have the technical know-how to maintain computing machines, so it makes more sense to have elite tech workers maintain servers that do most of the computing work. ‚ People also want to be able to access their desktop and applications from anywhere, not just their home computer. ‚ I think that Google Chrome is a part of Google’s grand business plan to continue to hold market leadership in the web applications arena. ‚ ‚ 

What do you guys think about Google Chrome? ‚ Anyone else have Google Chrome reviews?

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  1. I like Google so far. I have been testing it against Firefox and it seems much faster for load times. I don’t like the absence of StumbleUpon or the seeming lack of a traditional File and Settings menu.

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