Happiness is…

-a virus. When you have it, you pass it to those around you.

-reading an excellent book while eating popcorn slathered in cock sauce and johnny’s salad elegance.

-not easily discovered in oneself, and not found at all elsewhere.

-not to be found on the summit; instead it is found on the journey.

-not having to commute.

-a practiced skill, like flag football.

-found in a good woman. Find a bad one and you become a philosopher.

-building a “nude art” photo collection.

-not to be found found by masturbating, but by sharing oneself with another.

-realizing you are almost fully in your prime, every door is open and the world begs for you to take it.

-disappearing whenever you please.

-a case of three buck chuck and six new crystal wine glasses.

-not the shitty art purchased from Ikea or putting together their damned tables.

-not in one night stands, but in real relationships. Unless you are the Black Rooster.

-pounding Fletcher in chess.

-useless. It can’t buy you money.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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  1. “Happiness is not be found by masturbating”….come on Joel…stop lying. I know even you don’t believe that.

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