iPhone 3G & ATT: Terrible Service

Last night my iPhone decided not to inform me of people’s phone calls and text messages, so I just chilled out at home and did laundry.‚  This morning, I discovered that I had text messages & voicemails out the wazoo (and I have no idea how many people tried calling and didn’t leave messages!).‚  My iPhone keeps doing this to me and it is getting really irritating.‚  Thanks for nothing AT&T & Apple.‚  Such garbage.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G & ATT: Terrible Service”

  1. Completely agree with that. I have the same issues (I get a voicemail 3 min after someone called, but the phone never rings). What is happening right now is beyond belief. It’s Friday 11:58am, Manhattan, Upper West Side. I am on a call, which suddenly drops. Then no service… for 3 full minutes, I restart the device. No service. 5 minutes after my dropped call, I finally get back online.

    This is THE MOST UNRELIABLE cell phone service I have ever experienced. I remember seeing commercials for Cingular (acquired by AT&T) claiming they had the fewest dropped call. Having Verizon at the time I wondered… what is a dropped call?! As I never experienced one.

    Mr. Steve Jobs. Either (1) dump AT&T and partner with Sprint or T-Mobile, (2) make the next generation of iPhones CDMA compatible and liberalize the market so that Verizon can be used, or (3) enter into a JV with AT&T where you bring your best practice and engineering standards to get this service issue fixed.

  2. Joel, you could try switching to the edge network and see if that helps. There may be spotty 3G network coverage or over-saturation which can effect voice on your phone.

    Just a thought.

    Hope LA is treating you well,

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