Joel got suckered by Metropolitan Park Apts.

I moved yesterday from the old condo on Eastlake with big, gay Brent to my new studio on 6th and Washington at the Metropolitan Park Apartments with a kind friend’s assistance.

Buyer’s remorse has started to set in already. I am paying $925 rent + $75 parking for the new studio. Don’t get wrong, I think I will enjoy living there; it’s just that I’m paying 20-35% more than I should be for what I’m getting. If I had put more thought into it and not been hurried, I probably would’ve kept looking. The Metropolitan Park Apts complex is located at 601 S Washington St. Seattle, WA 98104 and can be reached at 206-682-7600. The secured building has a nice rooftop deck, a small gym with a sauna and a manned front office. My studio is small, about 15 ft x 25 ft.. around 400 sq ft, though they advertised it as 500. I have new carpets and the appliances are okay, but the place has seen better days. The greatest benefit for me is that I am now a mere 6 blocks from work. I have a porch overlooking the street outside with some pleasant trees and a little park to look at… along with tons of sketchy homeless people. While I was moving in, I must’ve seen a couple dozen bums meandering up and down the road. I think I’m going to have to buy a can of mace or a gun to be on the safe side lol. I have a 6 month lease and will probably move out once its up.

Pictures will be coming soon, once I get internet and my computers up and running.

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