Los Angeles Marketing Consultants’ Top 6 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Strategy

For every business engaged in sophisticated online marketing campaigns today, social media has become a major area of focus in the overall marketing strategy, and for good reason. If done right, social media marketing can generate huge returns for very little cost. Your loyal fans will do your marketing for you, spreading your message across their own social networks. Plus, advertising opportunities are growing everyday on social media networks, giving your products and services the chance to be seen by millions of people. Below are some tips for improving your social media strategy, as practiced by our top Los Angeles marketing consultants at Coalition Technologies.


1. You Need a Plan

Plan your social media marketing campaign carefully. If your content is inconsistent and haphazard, your messaging may lose its effectiveness and your readers will lose interest. Use a calendar or a spreadsheet to map out your posts and have your marketing team go over best messaging practices and execution. Programs like TweetDeck and Hootsuite can help manage posts too. Also think about which media platforms you want to target, how much of your potential audience is on each, and how effective your material will be on each platform.

2. Know Every Platform

There are plenty of social media platforms out there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ are just a few of them. Research the user base of each platform so you know how to appeal to each one and give consumers what they are looking for. For every social media campaign, our Los Angeles marketing consultants take note of several key indicators: what are the most popular posts on each platform? Where do users flock to the most?

3. Don’t Forget Google+

Yes, there is much more action on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but spending time with Google+ nets some benefits that are more subtle. Google is increasingly incorporating Google+ activity into its search algorithms, so businesses with a strong Google+ presence are going to be weighted more heavily on the search rankings.

4. Analytics is Good

Study the data from your social media activities, such as follower growth, link clicks, likes, and posts. You can use programs like Google Analytics and Hootsuite to better organize the information too. This data is important to your overall social media strategy. Get an idea of what is working and what is not, and work it into your social media plan. Our Los Angeles marketing consultants pay special attention to the fine-grain details of a marketing campaign in order to refine it and make it even more effective.

5. Be Human

Social media networks tend to be very informal and personal. Larger businesses especially need to remember that they are interacting with human beings. Don’t be afraid to interact with your followers; show interest in them as people. If you make a mistake fess up about it and don’t try to cover it up. Let people in on the happenings of your company and make your social media pages familiar, comfortable places for people to be around.

6. Customer Service with Social Media

Social media networks make for a great informal platform for customer service. Use your social media platforms to reach out to your customers when they are in need. It will strengthen identification with your brand. If the opportunity presents itself, go above and beyond mere customer service with acts of random kindness or free products. Give service that stands out above the rest.

Hire a Professional

Coalition Technologies provides leading Los Angeles marketing consultants with extensive experience running social media marketing campaigns. Our marketing professionals research your business culture, your brand idea, and the demographics of your potential customers to put together an effective campaign that both embodies the essence of your brand and appeals most to the customers you are trying to target. Our Los Angeles marketing consultants take a holistic approach to marketing: social media marketing strategies are one thing, but do you have rich content? Is your content SEO friendly? Are you transmitting the right message? Coalition Technologies can make sure that the answer to these questions is yes. Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and get your free quote.

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