Los Angeles NetSuite Designers & Programmers Keep up with NetSuite’s Growing Functions

asdfNetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-based business software solution that includes tools for accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), ecommerce, professional services automation (PSA), and financial consolidation and business management. The program is constantly being updated and the list of functions is constantly growing. Needless to say, professional Los Angeles NetSuite designers & programmers have to stay on top with NetSuite’s functions to take full advantage of the program. At Coalition Technologies, we are very serious about keeping up with the latest happenings in the industry so we can provide cutting edge design and programming services to our clients. Check out our latest findings on what is happening with NetSuite.

NetSuite Acquires TribeHR

NetSuite has acquired TribeHR, a four-year-old company in the Human Capital Management industry. TribeHR has 450 customers in 50 countries, and it markets its tools to smaller companies. This acquisition comes right after NetSuite’s acquisition of Retail Anywhere, which provides point of sale solutions for retail businesses. With the addition of these acquisitions, you can bet that NetSuite’s functionality will be expanded dramatically, so Los Angeles NetSuite designers & programmers should take note.

What This Means for NetSuite

NetSuite markets itself as a unified business solution. This software handles many different aspects of operating an enterprise. With the addition of TribeHR, the software suite’s roster of functions is going to be expanded quite a bit. TribeHR is the developer of Human Resources software which helps businesses manage their relationships with their employees. TribeHR includes tools to track and take note of job applicants, manage information, provide peer and public recognition, share goals and values, share news, allow employee feedback and engagement, and more. One thing is for sure: Los Angeles NetSuite designers & programmers will have plenty more to work with. You can bet many or all of these features are going to be migrated into the NetSuite system.

Hire a Professional for Your NetSuite Needs

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