Los Angeles Volusion Designers and Developers Integrate Volusion and WordPress


Volusion is one of the top competing ecommerce platforms on the market. Volusion’s shopping cart solution is very popular: it is trusted by over 100,000 merchants, and the program has been around for quite some time. The developers are constantly adding features to it and continuously improving its functionality. One of Volusion’s greatest features is that it can be integrated into WordPress, which is one of the leading blogging engines. This is a great tool for Los Angeles Volusion designers and developers, as well as business owners; it allows them to expand the reach of their online stores created with Volusion.

Integrating Volusion with WordPress

All you have to do to get everything working is download and install the plugin, then set it up to communicate with your Volusion store. After you have everything configured properly, you can easily link to your Volusion products from your WordPress blog posts. You can also embed your product pictures within your blog post, which makes sharing your Volusion products a snap. The best Los Angeles Volusion designers and developers make sure to do this as part of their marketing efforts.


Why Use WordPress?

Using a blogging engine like WordPress is incredibly important to help drive traffic to your products. You can build a great-looking Volusion store that gives customers a unique and convenient shopping experience, and you can have the best products in your industry, but if no one knows where to find your store or your products you aren’t going to have very many sales.

With blog posts, you can write high quality content packed full of keywords. With the content, the keywords, links going to and from your blog and your online store, and a constant stream of visitors checking out your content, you are going to rank much higher on search engines like Google. Search engine algorithms take into account many different aspects of your enterprise: keywords, relevance, quality of links, usefulness to the user, and more. So you need to cover all of your bases.

This is what SEO is all about. All of the top Los Angeles Volusion designers and developers incorporate these techniques into their campaigns. These efforts directly result in more traffic, and consequently, more potential customers and conversions.

Hire a Volusion Professional

If you want to maximize the use of your Volusion software and its implementation in WordPress, you should consider hiring a professional. Coalition Technologies has extensive experience with both building shopping carts with Volusion and writing high quality blog content with WordPress. Our Los Angeles Volusion designers and developers can craft you a unique online store that works great and provides your customers with an experience they won’t forget. Plus, we know how to gear an effective marketing and SEO campaign – which includes writing high quality blog posts with engines like WordPress – to bring in plenty of traffic for your site.

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