Los Angeles WordPress Designers & Developers Reveal the Greatest Plugins

asdfFor Los Angeles WordPress designers & developers, there are tons of WordPress plugins to sift through. There are so many great tools out there to help improve your blog and ensure a memorable experience for your visitors, how do you begin to look for the best ones? Luckily, some Los Angeles WordPress designers & developers have shared some of the best plugins to check out. My company, Coalition Technologies specializes in WordPress design and development; we are all about quality content and optimizing search results so you can get plenty of traffic. I’ll discuss some of the plugins found on the list that appeal to us.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin features all of the functionality you need to optimize your blog. The plugin analyzes your content, as well as your title tags and meta descriptions, so you can optimize them for keywords. On each of your posts there is a form that you can fill in to check your titles, meta descriptions, and keywords. It is easy to use and a great way to keep on top of your keywords. The plugin comes bundled with other useful features such as a tool to clean up your permalinks, XML Sitemaps, RSS enhancements, and more. With over 6 million downloads and scores of happy users rating this plugin five stars, this is a great plugin for Los Angeles WordPress designers & developers.


If you are looking to get more exposure of your blog on social media, the Tweetily plugin is a great place to start. The Tweetily plugin randomly selects your blog posts and tweets them automatically so you can drive more traffic to your site. You can set the time you want the tweets to go out, as well as how many tweets you want going out. You can also choose what kind of content is going to be tweeted so you can target specific posts. Coupled with your SEO plugins, you can get some great exposure for your blog fast. Tweetily is another great plugin for Los Angeles WordPress designers & developers.


Once your blog starts getting more exposure, you are probably going to find yourself fielding quite a bit of comments. If you are trying to run a blog full time, you don’t want to waste too much time worrying about spam and other junk comments. This anti-spam plugin is a great tool to save you time. This plugin will automatically catch spam in the comments without you having to deal with moderation queues, and your visitors don’t have to deal with captcha boxes. This is an easy to use plugin that can save time for Los Angeles WordPress designers & developers.

Get Your Blog Going

Check out the rest of the plugins, there are some other good selections in there. Do you have a blog to get up and running but aren’t quite sure where to get started? Consider hiring professional WordPress designers & developers to assist you in the process. Coalition Technologies specializes in WordPress design and development. Our professionals know how to build the best-looking WordPress blogs and optimize the content with the greatest plugins. Give us a call today at 1-888- 993-7639 and let’s get started.