Volusion Designers & Developers in Los Angeles Look Forward to Multichannel Integration


Volusion is a popular ecommerce platform that has been around for quite some time. In the time it has been active, Volusion has expanded its functions dramatically. There are constant updates to the software, with new features being introduced periodically. One thing Volusion designers & developers in Los Angeles are especially looking forward to is the platform’s multichannel integration capability, which should make for quite a lucrative addition to Volusion’s features.

Volusion’s Expanding User Base

Alongside Volusion’s expanding features, the software is seeing an expanding user base that is growing all the time. A big factor in the platform’s popularity, besides its ease of use, robust customization tools, marketing and SEO tools, and excellent customer service is its ongoing relationship with Amazon, which allows Volusion to integrate its services with Amazon’s. This allows Volusion customers to dramatically expand their own customer base and reach a vast pool of potential buyers. Volusion can also integrate eBay, PayPal, and FedEx, among others to further increase functionality across various tasks. This makes the work of Volusion designers & developers in Los Angeles easier. Volusion’s relationships with these other companies form the basis of its multichannel integration service.

What is Multichannel Integration?

Multichannel integration is a capability that allows a platform like Volusion to integrate with other services like Amazon and eBay to expand selling venues, as well as payment systems like PayPal to handle purchases, and FedEx to handle deliveries. It means integrating whole systems and taking advantage of their infrastructure to increase the capabilities of Volusion itself. With multichannel integration, Volusion designers & developers in Los Angeles can take advantage of the increased functionality to better build online stores and manage them. Multichannel integration allows retailers using Volusion’s shopping cart program to sell not only to customers coming to their online store, but customers on a platform like Amazon, which caters to 182 million customers.

This functionality has allowed Volusion to serve over 40,000 active businesses, assisting these businesses in processing $12 billion in sales every year.

Maximize Volusion’s Capabilities

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