Magento vs nopCommerce

The great thing about open source ecommerce platforms is that their core functions are often free, and they are highly customizable. Web designers and coders can get into the program, tinker with it, and even alter the source code to improve the program. Two of the most popular open source ecommerce platforms, Magento and nopCommerce, are both excellent programs. When it comes to Magento vs nopCommerce though, which program is the best?



Magento is a sprawling, powerful ecommerce platform that pretty much has it all. It is a software solution that specifically has developers and designers in mind. Site designs are highly customizable and there is virtually no limit to what you can do with it, so long as you have intermediate to advanced understanding of HTML/CSS/PHP. The program has multi-store capabilities, a large library of templates to use, excellent inventory management options, plenty of plugins, good SEO and marketing tools, product search, mobile device support, and multiple shipping and payment options. However, the program definitely isn’t for beginners. If you are working with the free Community Edition, you’re pretty much on your own. If you want customer support and the more convenient features that Magento has to offer, you have to shell out for the Enterprise Edition. The advanced nature of the platform, as well as the sheer amount of customization, requires that you take a lot of time to learn the program. This is definitely an appropriate program for professional web designers and coders, however.



nopCommerce is one of the better open source ecommerce platforms out there. nopCommerce is easy to set up and easier to customize than Magento. The program offers live chat integration, text message alerts with new sales and contacts, excellent sales reports, one page checkouts, and a built in forum for support.

nopCommerce does have downsides. The software is still buggy, and you have to do your own hosting. Plus, there is not a whole lot of support available outside the community forums, so you’re pretty much on your own figuring out the program. Also, you have to use Microsoft licenses. Given the Magento vs nopCommerce debate, nopCommerce is easier to use but is less polished and comprehensive as an ecommerce solution.


When it comes to the Magento vs nopCommerce debate, I definitely prefer Magento when I go to build a web site. As a web designer who has built countless online stores with many different ecommerce platforms, I’ve found that Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms you can use, hands down. nopCommerce is a great program, but Magento just has so many more features and customization options, plus you can opt for a more refined version with customer support if you pay for the Enterprise Edition.

So the Magento vs nopCommerce question is settled, but there is still the matter of building your store. Magento does require a high degree of technical knowledge to get the most out of it (as does nopCommerce). You should consider hiring professional web designers and programmers.Coalition Technologies provides the most talented designers and programmers in the business. Our design professionals have extensive knowledge of ecommerce platforms like Magento and can build you an online store that your customers won’t forget. Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and we’ll give you a free quote.

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