Most Comfortable Golf Shoes Ever

I found these shoes online, called True Linkswear, and based on the technology in them, they can handily make the claim to be one of the most comfortable golf shoes ever created. Easily, the True shoes out perform Adidas, Footjoy, Ecco, and Nike based on their natural fit, comfortable support, and the technology behind their design.
The whole thought process when inventing the shoes was to create something that had the natural support requirements for the human foot, was built for hours of walking and playing on the golf course, and that could easily transition off the course and into the club room or into daily activities. The team at True Golf Shoes got caught in the idea of creating the first, real barefoot feel for a golf shoe. So many of the others modify stance, gait, and walk because of their poor designs and uncomfortable materials, that something like this really hadn’t been created yet.
Thankfully, by examining how people really should stand and walk, True was able to make a product that is really unique and that stands out. One of their clients, who is the head of his golf association in Fort Worth, passed on his Ecco Freddie Couples for the True shoes. Everyone who wears them reports the same things- they love the natural feel and fit of the shoe, they love the broader, flatter platform that allows the human foot to really grip the course and greens, and they love how lightweight and ‘non existent’ the shoes feel. Rather then burdening the golfer, the shoes are really built around creating the most natural comfort fit possible.
The shoes are actually worn in tournament by PGA Tour pro golfer Ryan Moore, from Puyallup, Washington. Most of the people who are actively buying and wearing the shoe are people who golf a lot- 100 rounds plus a year is not out of the ordinary for most shoe wearers. And they all seem to give the same feedback. Universally, everyone seems to enjoy the fit of the shoe, and see it improves their swing and ability to gauge the course since it is built to feel like it isn’t there.
I don’t know why no one has really picked up this shoe in the major golf publications, but they definitely should. I am getting tired of hearing about the Adidas Tour 360, or the Eccos (which are just an expensive fashion shoe) or FJs. They all make your feet sweat like crazy and still end up disconnecting you from the golf course.
The True Linkswear golf shoes are one of the most comfy performance shoes out there. Lightweight, very breathable (no sweat), very natural support and insole, and a barefoot concept to back it up.
You can buy the shoes online at or you can find them in a bunch of retailers around the country (including the PGA Super Store shop).

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.