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I am not a fan at all of publications. is the default page for Internet Explorer to go to and also is one of the gateways to using Microsoft’s Live search engine. The problem is that most of the article’s seem to be targeted at the lowest common denominator of people and are not thoroughly researched and thought out.’s articles remind me much more of a supermarket tabloid spewing filth about celebrities and alien’s then it seems a legitimately interesting website.

For instance, the premiere leading articles on today are:

“Donkey Jailed for Assault & Battery in Mexico”
“Her Pastor Husband Cheated, What Now?”
“Chick Flat Sandals”
“Dove: Why Being Feminine Is Powerful”


I’m not even a big fan of’s partner publications, (NBC News) and FOX Sports (Fox)… the way the news article’s are selected and arranged on the front pages of both of those sites doesn’t make much sense. If a sports story was popular six months ago, it many times is still there… when sports readers look at the sports pages, they want NEWS, not that A-Rod was traded from Texas to the Yankees.

So what DO I suggest reading?

The has some well thought out and intriguing stories on a large variety of topics. My primary news source is definitely the When I am looking for sports news, I’ll go to is far and away the best source for sports news, analysis and other information. For techie news, I read (also known as the most popular blog on the internet).

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