Myspace Tantrum Boy Needs Child Abuse

I warn you: turn down your speakers. The child in this video is obsessed with Myspace and throws hysterical fits whenever anyone tries to talk to him about his Myspace addiction. People who allow their kids to get this out of hand and have tantrums because of something as ridiculous as Myspace need help.

Myspace tantrum boy would not get away with this if he was my little brother or kid. Severe beatings would be in order. This myspace kid needs to face some real problems.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I could occasionally be a moody monster when I was in junior high too. I’m not sure what it is about the 12-14 year old age group, but it seems that they are the most manic depressive, violent and crazy age group that exists.

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Joel Gross

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3 thoughts on “Myspace Tantrum Boy Needs Child Abuse”

  1. I do feel kind of bad for the kid. Obviously the older teenagers have been taunting him prior to deciding to film this.

    I can understand that perhaps he is over reacting, but it would seem a bit understandable considering he is outnumber three to one by sixteen or seventeen year olds who are twice his size and seem intent on not only mocking him, but filming it.

    All in all, Myspace is ridiculous.

  2. i live in israel. so people do see this all over the world, thats sad! funny, but sad

  3. he needs beaten? no he needs help, the older kids torturing him however could use a kick in the pants. there is nothing funny about this, obviously this child has been mentally and emotionally abused by these older kids – if not others in his life – so often that he knows no other way than to be extremelly angry. my heart goes out to this poor child, he must have such an unhappy, stressful life to be so young and so frustrated.

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