Napping = Human PowerUp?

Playing Super Mario Bros as a kid, you would occasionally run into a mushroom which made Mario suddenly get bigger, stronger & faster and gave him the ability to run into a bad guy and still live.

How can you get a real life mushroom each day?

Take naps.

Countless studies have shown napping boosts memory, focus, athletic ability and just about everything else that is important to us as human beings.  If you are an employer, create a nap room for your employees to go get recharged.  If you are an employee, convince your employer to do so or use your lunch break.

I took naps at lunch for 3 years at Visible Technologies and it made me a much more productive worker.  When I first came in to work, I would be focused and would work hard and slowly slow down as distractions & tiredness and coworkers took me away from my primary jobs.  At lunch, I would take a power nap and come back in totally refreshed.

Try it!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

One thought on “Napping = Human PowerUp?”

  1. I dont know how many times I’ve tried to tell my boss that we need to take naps but each time I’ve tried to tell him he was snoring on his desk. But everything work out fines for those that loves Christ. So as a trucker, waiting at our customers for long period of times, gives us plenty of time to have a nap.

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