New Blog Feature: Live Chat!

In the right hand side column of my blog, you will now see a section titled “Chat Box”.‚  In the “Chat Box” you can post short comments and have discussions via live chat with other readers or myself‚  in the‚  side bar!‚  To join the conversation and make your own comment, simply click on the “Click to Chat” link and it will give you a box to say something.‚  If you wish to see the entire chat history, click the “Chat History” link at the top.‚  Due to server constraints, at this point the chat box only refreshes once every 60 seconds.‚  When I upgrade my server, I will have it refresh every 5 seconds.‚  Either way, you can now easily chat with me and my readers!

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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