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  1. Do you realize that your chances of getting lucky depends on how attractiv your friends are. Personality matters but women tend to talk to the ones that are attractiv first. For example the most attractiv guy in his crowd has the better odds then the less attractiv one. To sum things upp, if you want to get lucky you should go out with friends that are less attractiv then you. Trust me I have observed this among my friends. It’s stupid but true.

  2. Sarah,

    Good thing I went out on New Years Eve with these beat, ugly mofos then right? 😉

    I actually haven’t really noticed a difference in success with women if I am with an ugly friend or a friend who is better looking than me… but I haven’t really paid attention. I do know that girls try to go out with their ugliest friends to make themselves look better though. I have also noticed that when you talk to the ugly friend before the hot one, the hot one likes you ten times more lol.


  3. Fishing for comments to boost ones selefsteem are we now?! lol

    That’s because she want what she can not have. Most women wants someting else then they need.When they want the one they need, they wont fall for the trick. And a warning to you, most women know about THE GAME. The book sucks, and we can tell when a guy is trying some of that shit. Trust me, I’m not even an American and even the women in my country knows about it. The book have spred like the plague among insecure males around the world. One important thing that Neil forgot is that we women TALK, a lot with our friends. haha There are better ways to pick up women that don’t involve his book or rohypnol.lol

    And let’s be honest, a woman who falls for that is not smart enough for you right? So you will not fall inlove with her, you will only fall into her bed. Love is always better then sex, and men who thinks that sex is better then love have never felt true love from someone. If you want true love you are reading the wrong book.

  4. Sara,

    Haha, you are right that most of the techniques that Neill Strauss talked about in the Game have been burned out or were pretty cheesy to begin with. True love comes through getting to know someone thoroughly and intimately, but I think that there are a few human factors you need to consider when dating. For instance, my friend Plato and I discovered that we have a tough time going out places together because when together we have a creepy sense of humor that turns girls off to us. Another lesson I have learned is how to shut up and be a good listener lol… actually that same tactic works in job interviews.

    P.S. The friend in the red & white tie is a sexy beast 🙂

  5. Creepy humor is a turn on and a dry humor is a turn off. I’m the proud owner of a sick humor( after all I am reading your blog)

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