Idea for replacing BCS in college football

As everyone knows and agrees, the current system for finding a national champion in college football is terminally flawed. In 2004, undefeated Auburn got denied a chance to compete for the championship because currently the two teams that get to play for it are determined by a computer algorithm that weights strength of schedule, margin of wins and other factors.

Here is my idea for a replacement system that would be absolute and much, much more exciting to watch. Teams would schedule and play their first 4 games as normal. After that, based on the previous years’ ranking of teams a massive, nationwide 8 game tournament would be held. The national champion the previous year would play the worst team from the last year and so on in the first game. There also would be a structure set up for the losing teams to continue playing games to determine their final ranking. Every team, even teams that lost every game all season, would still have 8 games through the tournament to determine exactly where they place on the nationwide scale. The final week would always be the most exciting as hype had built all year around the two teams that had remained undefeated all season and the national championship contest itself would be a massive spectacle with the only undefeated team emerging as national champion every year.

The first 4 games would be scheduled by teams’ athletic departments so traditional rivalry games could still happen every year, such as the Apple Cup, Notre Dame vs Michigan, USC vs UCLA, etc.

What do you guys think? Good idea, bad idea? What are potential issues with such a tournament system?

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is a stud among studs. He has won more NFL games than any other quarterback in history, as of Sunday (149) He has the longest streak in the NFL of never missing a game (258). Every game the Green Bay Packers have played between September 1992 and today he has started. In the rough world of the NFL, where every game typically one or two players go down with major injuries, this is incredible. The physical punishment faced every single day by players is incredible. Hats off to Favre.

Lots of creepies

Turns out I’m not the only one.

Tons of people have taken their spouse/lovers passwords and researched them. Some people have even gone so far as to hire detective agencies to research everything they do. When they find information, they use it in divorce proceedings and take everything; so be careful what you send electronically if you are going to be cheating scum.

Profile on President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush’s administration of our government since 2000 has been shameful. Bush has wrecked our government with his incompetence. Bush claims to be a Republican, but has shown himself to be much more of a Christian Democrat. The supposed hallmarks of Republican theory hold that the government should be small, spend little and regulate sparingly. Instead, Bush has increased spending more than almost any President in the last 40 years; he has increased real spending by 5.6% per year and spending by almost 50% in nominal terms. He has increased spending almost 4x as fast as Clinton did- and Clinton was no miser. Even long-time Republican financial wizard, Alan Greenspan, has come out publicly against the Bush Administration and the former Republican majorities fiscal policies.

Bush’s foreign policies have also been miserable failures. North Korea and Iran are both still rapidly closing in on obtaining nuclear weapons and all President Bush’s posturing has merely made them take a hard-line stance against us. Iraq has obviously been a massive failure and Bush knows it. He recently declared the troop surge in Iraq a “victory” and is going to start withdrawing American soldiers soon. Bush is a complete ass. Declaring “victory” and retreating does not fool anyone. Iraq has turned into a miserable failure and it is Bush’s fault. His mismanagement of the war has led to the deaths of many Americans and even more Iraqis.

Bush has also pushed through radical harmful changes to the way our government is structured. He has blurred the line between church and state by making religious groups much more involved in the government and by regularly listening to the advice of such persons as Pat Robertson. His administration fired 92 federal prosecutors for political reasons such as prosecuting a Republican or not taking down a Democrat as he wanted. Bush has established the Jabba the Hut sized Department of Homeland Defense that is massively inefficient and full of red tape in all the wrong places.

President Bush has been one of the worst Presidents in history. He has succeeded neither in pushing the basic tenets of Republican beliefs or in his foreign policy initiatives.

Happy Birthday Joshua Gross!

Today was my little brother Josh’s birthday party at my mom’s house, so I went down and hung out with him. He’s a stellar stud. Josh just turned 14 and he’s already over 6′ tall and damned big. I was about that height at his age, but I was bony. He’s pretty skinny too, but he has a big frame with broad shoulders and if he’s fed properly and starts lifting, he will be a beast. I gave him a dartboard and a promise to go rock climbing (which is what he requested). We actually would’ve gone today, I signed up for a class in Tacoma for both of us, but my mom randomly decided we had to wait and plan it ahead. Oh well, we’ll get there soon.

Josh is a very smart kid. He has a serious demeanor, but when he gets comfortable, he can be really funny. Ladies, you should watch out, he’s coming of age and is another whale of a catch. Josh is athletic, very smart and mentally mature behind his years.

Happy Birthday Joshua Gross!

Nameology: Joel Randall Gross

“Randy at night, Gross in the morning”

My name is Joel Randall Gross.

I am named after the prophet Joel in the Bible who took some mushrooms and foretold the end of the world: “I will show portents in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD comes.” Heavy stuff. That Joel should’ve just taken a chill pill or something.

To tell the truth, I’m not a real big fan of my name. Joel is okay, but the rest sucks. Everyone always asks if I was teased about my last name growing up, but surprisingly, I never really was. My friends usually tried to rhyme Joel with other words, like “Joel the Hole”, “Joel the Bowl” or more accurately, “Joel with no Soul”.

Randall is the name of the guy who I thought was my dad growing up, but probably isn’t (need a DNA test on NuDaddy). Haven’t talked to him in more than two years, nor have two other brothers; Jordan and Justin. Joshua is the Cinderella still trapped with Randy in his abusive home… hopefully he’ll be kicked out soon though. I got kicked out at 14, Jordan at 16 and Justin at 16. Randall is a huge dick with no balls. Anyway, Randall just sounds like a dorky name.

Gross. Ah, Gross. What the hell were my ancestors thinking when they went with Gross? I bet they just got really drunk and thought it would be funny to change their names to Gross. The primary problem I’ve run into with Gross is the fact that all the girls I have dated HATE it. Multiple women have said, “Wow, you have a really unfortunate last name.” Most women grow up dreaming of the new name that they will get when they get married: Johnson, Rody, Faramarzi, Dies, etc. No girl grows up thinking, “One day I’m going to be Sandy Gross!” I probably have lost significant amount of goodwill with women because of that. I think I’m going to change my name, I’m just not sure what to. Maybe I should change it to the name of my website: Joel X lol. If I haven’t changed it by the time I get married, I’ll probably take my wife’s last name.

Joel Randall Gross.


A clawing need inside that cannot be ignored
Painful desire crushing down relentlessly
Constant pressure to keep going.
Frantic movement with no purpose
The heavy foot stuck to the accelerator
Inescapable scorching fire, leaving nothing.

The War Room

After interviewing Melanie last night and sending her off home, I was supposed to go to the War Room (a club on Capitol Hill) with a bunch of friends. I was just sitting at my computer, chatting online, and starting to get a little tired and thinking about skipping out when Ben called and said he and Rachelle were going to come pick me up and take me to the War Room right then. I haven’t seen Kenny in around 6 months, so I accepted. After we arrived, we parked (which was a bitch) and started walking towards the War Room. On our way we spotted two of my other friends, Ian and Eric, also headed to the War Room to see Kenny. Our whole little group made our way to the club, where we had to stand in line for awhile. When we were about to get in, we found out there was a $10 cover and neither Ian nor I had any cash so Rachelle graciously spotted us.

The War Room was packed full of people, especially on the upper deck where we were all hanging out. I didn’t really feel into the whole club atmosphere, but talked to all the people I hadn’t seen in quite some time. Kenny is doing well and was trying to convince me to go scalp a ticket to the Ohio State game today and he himself bought a ticket for $50 from someone. I think I would much rather just go down to my little gym and workout and watch the game there. Watching beastly men smash each other is good motivation for lifting.

A little later, I saw a couple of people do some yayo in the corner of the club and decided that wasn’t really my scene and Rachelle and Ben gave me a ride back home. They came inside and we went up to my roof and relaxed with a glass of wine and enjoyed the view along with good conversation before they went home.