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My good friend Rachelle has begun to write a blog. Rachelle’s blog includes various posts on fashion, Photo of Rachelle Robinettphotography and her life (if you look at the older posts). Rachelle worked at Microsoft for about a year as a contractor and after her contract expired, she has been doing various freelance jobs writing for newspapers and others. Currently she is writing for SeattleMet Bride & Groom, Seattle Times NW Source, as well as Daily Candy. She also wanted me to be sure I “mention her searing whit.” 😉 Rachelle‚  has also done quite a bit of modeling, including a job for K*Swiss last week and some stock work for Uppercut images. Ms. Rachelle graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in journalism and a certificate in Sales and Marketing. Rachelle was on the Dean’s list for both the School of Business and the School of Communications. Rachelle has fairly extensive knowledge of local Seattle bands and so if you are wondering about seeing certain acts, I’d recommend asking her advice. While working for Conde Naste/ Fairchild publications in New York City she gained valuable experience on fashion, writing and other stylish topics. I first met Rachelle when we attended high school together at Cascade Christian in Puyallup, but didn’t really become friends with her until the summer after our senior year. She has a lot of interesting thoughts and perspectives on the world, check out her blog if you get the chance!

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