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Do you need to find a great search engine optimization expert in the Santa Monica area?  Coalition Technologies is a highly experienced search engine optimization consultancy that serves both national and locally headquartered clients.    For almost any company that looks to the internet for help finding new customers and improving business relations, favorable placement on search engines’ results pages is crucial to success.  To get the traffic that you need, Coalition Technologies can help craft an effective search engine optimization campaign that makes boosts your business’ relevance online.  Our expert search engine optimization and AdWords specialists work to build and organize content that is easy-to-read and strategically targeted to exploit traffic from certain keyword markets.  This can in turn help boost conversion rates and increase the percentage of visitors that become paying customers.

Capturing organic search traffic is Coalition Technologies’ specialty.  Our team of professional SEO engineers can help businesses dominate markets across the country, especially in the local Santa Monica area.   By deploying location-specific content and promotional messages, Coalition Technologies can let area business tap into the stream of web surfers that may be looking for information about a certain product or service.  For instance, do you own a retail store or restaurant that is trying to target specific groups of locals and tourists online?  Maybe you run a web content business that needs to capture more search traffic for features and promotional pieces?  Or perhaps you run a media company that depends on potential clients being able to find you quickly and easily via Google without having to click through to the second page of results.  Or, you may even own a hotel or tourism business that needs to appeal to foreigners that may be searching from the other side of the world for things to do things to do and places to stay in Santa Monica.  Whatever business you’re in on the internet, Coalition Technologies can help you corner your competition and improve your profitability. Santa Monica-based companies are also eligible for a special discount designed to strengthen our roots in this highly creative, entrepreneurial city.

At the Santa Monica-based Coalition Technologies, our expert content writers and AdWords engineers write strategic articles and marketing messages and deploy those assets efficiently to place your business and your website at the center of the searches about your industry.   Our experienced team can even revamp your existing content schedule and metadata assignments to help tweak ad campaigns and make marketing more effective.  Having more effective keyword groupings and sophisticated linking systems and site architectures can be extremely important for achieving higher click-through rates and better sales conversion figures.  The creative and savvy search engine optimization experts at Coalition Technologies also stay ahead of changes in the way search engines tabulate site rankings and display search results to users.  Our industry-leading search engine optimization team provide the full array of SEO and SEM services and internet marketing solutions, including:

– Comprehensive keyword overhauls

– Expert content creation and SEO targeting

– Long term SEO and text publishing systems

– Sophisticated AdWords campaign analysis and tweaking

– Advanced placements search engine results pages

– Heightened online relevance for businesses according to industry and target audience

– Cutting-edge demographic and geographic targeting

– Boosted click-through rates and better sales conversions for site visitors

Whatever level of search engine optimization your business is in need of and whether you’re targeting internet users in Santa Monica or searchers across the country, Coalition Technologies can tailor a specialized suite of SEO products and services to give your business better reach and an improved bottom line.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.