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Nestled in the technology and creative hub of the Santa Monica area, Coalition Technologies is a premier web design firm that specializes in upping the relevance and profitability of clients’ businesses and brands online.  Our experienced, professional team of digital designers, user experience experts, e-retail specialists and search engine optimization engineers tackles every aspect of creating and deploying easy-to-use, powerfully constructed, profit-generating website.  From the style of font and the type of logo you need, to sophisticated content management systems and social media marketing compatibilities, Coalition Technologies works to help clients craft scalable, efficient websites that encourage growth.

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Coalition Technologies maintains greats relationships with Santa Monica-area businesses-owners, web designers and online entrepreneurs.  The team stays on top of the most cutting edge artistic and emerging media trends, keeping company with some of the regions most prominent and upcoming creative designers and tech-savvy digital marketing experts.  Our team helps clients implement industry-leading standards of quality and best practice recommendations. But they also help clients move beyond the cookie-cutter approach toward web design by creating unique, customized looks and feels for our partners’ websites.  Our expert team of development and e-commerce engineers create special sites and web portals that allow clients to stand out from their competition and set the proper tone for their business operations on the internet.

Examples of web design  we have done in the past:

Call 323-984-9949 for web design services

Call 323-984-9949 – Web Design Company

Whether you operate a hotel in the Santa Monica area and need help increasing the booking rates for your rooms on the internet, or if you have a retail store that needs to target a specific demographic of online shoppers, Coalition Technologies can help you create a relevant and legitimate online presence for your moneymaking operation.   Although we create stunning and clean, easy-to-use website for clients, we make sure that every website we create can handle even the most complicated of business transactions if need be, such as in the case of e-commerce.  Or maybe you run a film, photography or digital media studio in Santa Monica that needs to have a visually rich and dynamic website with lots of bells an whistles to engage visitors and interact with potential customers. Coalition Technologies combines the most successful industry web designs with the creative and digital savvy of the Santa Monica-based development team to turn out groundbreaking websites with super-efficient tools to increase clients’ profitability.

Beginning with the layout and color schemes for your business’ website, Coalition Technologies meticulously lays out a foundation for stunning design.  Then, the team of expert Santa Monica-based digital artists puts together a fresh and unique look for your brand to carry on the internet.  Combining these leading concepts and designs with creative innovations and specialized media deployments helps give your business both personality and high-performance functionality online.  Then, our expert site architects lay out content maps and asset management systems to make sure your site operates efficiently regardless of usage, traffic spikes or variations in browser type.   Next, our team of highly trained content producers maps out strategic keyword articles and write powerful copy to capture organic search traffic and help convert site visitors into paying customers and active brand advocates.  Our artists, writers and engineers create all imagery, content and coding needed to successfully occupy a branded, lucrative space on the internet, equipping each site we build with key assets and phrases to keep it compatible with social networking tools, email services and dynamic bookmarking services.  The net effect is a powerful, unique website that is highly marketable and easy-to-use, designed completely in-house at Coalition Technologies’ Santa Monica office.

Coalition Technologies’ creative Santa Monica website design crew specializes in:

– Building compelling, unique websites that give brands and companies a character and identity online

– Revamping websites to give them the ability to handle e-commerce payments, reservation bookings and online shopping systems

– Outfitting websites with powerful marketing capabilities and social networking and bookmarking capabilities

– Helping clients’ build out interactive websites to carve out strategic communities online

– Using strategic content and SEO principles to dominate markets and beat out competitors

– Leveraging online promotional efforts with visitor data and customer trend insights
– Producing sleek, effective networks of websites and micro-sites to maximize marketing reach and increase penetration

– Redesigning websites to boost click-through rates and sales conversion rates

Whatever your web development or internet marketing needs may be, Coalition Technologies’ Santa Monica-based website design experts offer a full suite of web management tools and digital design services to businesses of all sizes across an array of industries.  We offer valuable website design services on either a ground-up or ad hoc, piece-by-piece basis, depending on clients’ needs and budgets.  So whether you need a website designed an built within a quick timeframe or you’re looking to roll out digital assets over strategically over a period of time, Coalition Technologies in Santa Monica can help you get more website design bang for your buck.

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