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If you run an online business using Shopify, a blog is a great way to increase traffic and drive new business. In fact, a well-written, regularly-updated blog can make a huge difference for your bottom line. As you’ll see, this is confirmed by research, and in my own experience as the founder and owner of one L.A.’s most successful design and development firms, I have seen the results myself.Shopify WordPress Integration

Shopify, while a great shopping cart provider, doesn’t make it easy to incorporate a fully-functional blog by default. The solution is to incorporate a WordPress blog into your Shopify site. Shopify WordPress integration requires a bit of extra work, but it’s well worth the payoff.

Why WordPress?

WordPress remains one of the simplest and most user-friendly blog providers available, With easy article management, picture and video integration, publication scheduling and SEO-friendly development, WordPress is as good as it gets. Best of all, the service is free to anyone to enjoy, and it’s fully customizable.

Facts About Business Blogging

As previously mentioned, blogging can have a powerful impact on the success of your business. The company Hubspot conducted a study of businesses with blogs vs businesses without blogs, and uncovered some really fascinating numbers.

The study looked at 1,531 websites, 795 of which used blogs, and 736 of which did not. Most of the websites were for small to medium-sized businesses. Hubspot discovered that sites with blogs had an average of 55 percent more visitors, 97 percent more inbound links 434 percent more indexed pages than the sites that did not feature blogs. Those are some pretty staggering numbers.

Shopify WordPress Integration Methods

Since Shopify doesn’t offer built-in WordPress management, you will need to create your WordPress blog outside of the Shopify system. After setting up your Shopify store and your WordPress blog, you will want to integrate your WordPress blog into your Shopify site, and not the other way around.

When it comes to integration, there’s an easy way and a hard way. The easy way is to visit your Navigation page in your Shopify admin, click “Edit Link List” and manually add your blog URL. The hard way is to set up a CNAME record, like, whereby you transfer your blog hosting to a subdomain on your Shopify site.

Contact Coalition Technologies

At Coalition Technologies, our design and development experts have been building sites on the Shopify platform for years. Additionally, Our expert marketers know how to use blogs to their fullest potential to drive traffic and increase revenue. Let us handle your Shopify WordPress integration. We’ll build your site that so that your blog works seamlessly with your eCommerce store for the maximum benefit. Depending on your needs, we can also help you to implement custom designs, improve your search engine presence or even build an entire online store from the ground up. Call us at 888-800-9101 for a free quote.

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  1. I have a shopify website. I also have a wordpress website. I understand how to use the shopify wigets on my wordpress. I need help building a cart for my wordpress. Could you please give me quote. Thank You Laura

  2. None of the bloggers who post on this topic (for any storefront brand) know the difference between linking to a site and integrating one. Linking is easy. Anyone who cannot create a link should not have a website. This article is a useless, shameless grab at views, providing nothing for the reader. Congratulations on being part of the club.

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