On Wednesday, the day after the birth of your Lord, I went and blew away some clay pigeons with a shotgun. Trent invited me to join him and his father down in Orting. His dad, Jay, and his dad’s buddy, Bryan, taught me how to use a shotgun. It’s pretty simple, you just load in the shells, cock, and fire. It took me about ten or fifteen shots to figure out how to aim the darn thing, but once I did, I was pretty good. I have been to a shooting range before shooting pistols at a stationary target, but shooting a shotgun at moving targets is way more fun. A shotgun fits my personality better than most other weapons and seems to be more useful than other guns. When you fire it, the shot spreads out and is able to spray in a large target area, so your aim doesn’t have to be perfect.

After we blew the hell out of a bunch of red clay discs, we went back to Jay’s house and relaxed with Trent’s sisters and stepmom and drank beer. Trent’s aunt and uncle came over along with their son who recently graduated law school and the group of us had a pretty good time talking. I could see a lot of my personality in Trent’s dad; intelligent, fun, self-centered and wild. Trent also has some similar characteristics, but he has rebelled enough away that there are also significant differences. It was interesting to watch their family interact, everyone was much less rigid than my family is. Plus, Trent’s sisters were pretty cute lol.

Couldn’t resist that final jab, Trent. 😉

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